Seven Things You Need To Know About Benghazi

Investigations in our Congress are costing us millions of dollars in taxes and nothing to show for it. Are we sick and tired of the Republican witch hunts?

Here are the facts about Benghazi that you won’t hear in the news and these should make your blood boil whether your Republican or Democrat:

  1. Republicans in Congress voted repeatedly to slash funding for embassy security.
  2. Obama has repeatedly request increased funds for embassy security.
  3. The Republican Sequester slashes more money from embassy security.
  4. All the investigations into Benghazi have been a waste of our tax dollars and a waste of time for America.
  5. Under Bush, there were 11 embassies attacked. 53 people died. 90 were injured. How many Republican investigations into this? Zero. It’s time for us to remove this sick party from our government.
  6. Under Bush, one embassy was successfully attacked twice. Still no investigations.
  7. Poor children are starving, homeless are freezing to death, and the Republicans can find no money for them but plenty to pursue this fake scandal.

Follow the link I posted above. There are lots of facts if you’re interested. Here is just a small example:


7 thoughts on “Seven Things You Need To Know About Benghazi”

  1. This is a great list. I liked the link. There are lots of informative facts. Why does anyone still vote republican?

  2. The republicans lost a lot of votes when they turned the Clinton impeachment into a political circus. Now they are losing even more over this make believe scandal.

    The party is melting down. Eventually no amount of marketing money will bring them votes anymore.

  3. It is hard to believe that any voter would be so hellfire ignorant to believe these manufactured outrages. Are people really that stupid?

    Or is there something else going in their heads that make them vote like lemmings?

    I have some family that is just like this and will follow the pack right off a cliff. It makes me so sad to think about how defective these family members are when it comes to politics.

  4. The U S was ridiculed around the world for the Republican shenaniga during the Clinton witch hunts. Well here we go again. We have some sick republican voters supporting this unpatriotic behavior.

  5. It was disgusting watching the republicans attacking Clinton on one thing after another after another until they finally came up with dick and impeached him on it anyway. How embarrassing for America. No More Republicans!

    1. This is so very true. My conservative brother in law hates Obama not for what he does but for what he is. He could be the second coming of Christ and republicans would still hate him.

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