Republicans Block Unemployment Vote Again


The Republican party wants so badly for the poor to just die, that they are even preventing the unemployment bill from coming up for a simple vote.

If they weren’t blocking Democracy, the vote would likely pass and the poor and unemployed would be spared more hardship.

But, no, they don’t even want it to come up for a vote so they blocked even the hopes of voting on it. The Republicans filibustered the unemployment bill, again.

What kind of a person would obstruct Democracy just so more poor people would starve to death?

Only a Republican.

4 thoughts on “Republicans Block Unemployment Vote Again”

  1. It’s disgusting how unable to feel these republicans are, both the republican voters and their representatives.

  2. Those people are just sick in the head. How could any voter be so stupid to vote for a party that wants to see them die. Morons.

  3. That’s one sick party. Not just the leader but the voters as well. How could a cult be so ignorant as to be blind to the harm their party does? To the harm their elected representatives do?

  4. Well, you have to know what’s important to that fringe republican party. Billionaires and multinational corporations. Oh, and more dead and dying poor and middle class.

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