Lies and Damn Lies

How our information is being corrupted and three simple things you can do to fight back.


puppetOur information is being corrupted constantly. This has been discussed here many times, such as Information Pollution, The Liberal Media and Political Scandals, put out primarily by billion dollar corporations and millionaire personalities being our sole source of network news.

But there are even more treacherous types of misinformation than this. The billionaire conservative think tanks hire sock puppets to spread their meme all day long on the Internet. For example, technology websites such as Slashdot have paid shills that spend eight hours every day posting lies and misleading comments about such things as Obamacare and nuclear energy, trying to change the minds of the average reader.

Many sites see this. Here at JustSayWhy we see hundreds of them every election season.

Some sock puppets get paid to go to the book websites and submit reviews playing up the conservative books and leaving bad comments for the progressive books. There are even many conservative who do this without getting paid, just to try to prove to the world that their side is right, even if they have to lie to do so. How can they be right if they have to lie? But they never get far enough to reason that part out.

Many of the billionaire and transnational corporate think tanks buy thousands of new conservative books and give them away as incentives and prizes. This makes the books appear on the New York Best Seller lists even though they aren’t really being sold.

All of this just helps sell the defective conservative agenda and distorts our information. Eventually, it almost makes it seem reasonable to listen to the conservative perspective. It has gotten to the point where you can’t believe anything you see in comments and book and even product reviews.

What can you do about this? Here are three simple things to do that you should do regularly and they will only take you a few moments.

1. Submit your own reviews. This is important! If the liars have 1,000 sock puppets, that is nothing compared to the millions of real customers who could be leaving honest reviews. And, when you see reviews that you can tell are biased or outright lies, it’s important to expose them for the lies they are.

This means that if you’ve read a library book, go to the library website and to Amazon and B&N and to any other book website and spend 60 seconds writing a review. That’s a simple task to help counter the lies.

Most sites allow you to vote on the reviews. Be sure to mark up the reviews you agree with and mark down the lies. Amazon lets you say if a review helped you. Many sites let you “like” a comment.

2. Wikipedia is heavily polluted with pages that have been edited repeatedly to give them a more conservative bent. Open an account on Wikipedia and edit a page here or there that you might have some personal knowledge about. And, it’s important to expose those sock puppets who are just out there to pollute our information.

3. Leave comments on blogs you visit. Don’t feed the trolls, though. If someone is obviously shilling for a corporation or political agenda, don’t address them personally, just post comments with the facts as you know them. If you can “like” other’s comments be sure to like those you agree with. This affects how often these comments show up.

These three simple things will helpĀ  us keep our information more reliable.

2 thoughts on “Lies and Damn Lies”

  1. I’ve seen this in Wikipedia, lately. The 1% are spending a lot of time and money trying to get the rest of us to vote against our own best interests.

  2. We should send people to jail for purposely skewing our information. Without true and reliable information, there’s now way to expect people to vote correctly.

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