What has Happened to Our World?

I stumbled across a children’s health clinic being held at a local hardware store, today.

The horror of our health care industry smacked me right in the face. What have we done with our once great nation?

I saw an endless line of children without health insurance. Some of the children were so sick someone called the ambulance. Even a fire truck showed up. Some of the children were too sick to even stand on their own.

How could we let this nation come to this? How can we be so silent while the Republicans turn this great country into the Libertarian Paradise of Somalia?  Children there are dying without health care, too.

Health care is a right, it’s not a privileged offered to only the wealthy. Obamacare is a small, tiny step in the right direction and even that is being opposed by the Republicans. The Republican party wants the sick and the poor to hurry up and just die.

This isn’t the America I read about in school. This is a bizarre nightmare brought on by too much Libertarian Voodoo economics.

This country is falling apart around our ankles and we need to get mad as Hell and get out in the streets and demand progress.

2 thoughts on “What has Happened to Our World?”

  1. It seems like you’re blaming the Republicans for everything. Is it really the Republican party that is at the root of the problem or is it the Libertarian billionaires who want to own the entire country?

  2. It would be nice if we could evolve Obamacare into the healthcare system we need but the Republicans only want to take us backward. If fewer people vote this election we are sure to get more Republicans in office and we’ll spend all our time and tax dollars on impeachment witch hunts like we did last time. We’ll be the laughing stock of the world again. The Republican party makes it so easy to hate them.

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