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After reading Dave’s two posts on America a Christian Nation and Visitor Comment, I got motivated to follow up. Although Dave’s posts were factual and he made good arguments, I disagree with his inclinations of intolerance.

When educating children as well as adults, you have to show patience and refrain from making the readers feel incapable. But enough about writing styles. Let’s talk about the forbidden subject, abortion.

It seems that after the Supreme Court made another of their many mistakes and made sweeping laws by deciding on all cases regarding Roe vs Wade, all rational discussion stopped. Not only was the Supreme Court out of bounds deciding on this issue as a global decision, but they stopped the discussion Americans were having regarding abortion. Since then, the different sides quit coming together and began drifting apart.

America needs to start talking about abortion again, and start coming together on some serious solutions. Obviously all one way or all the other will never work and is bad for America. Too bad, though, that some feel that it doesn’t matter if it’s bad for America, as long as they get their way. If we only had more Americans like that, we’d be back in the Dark Ages.

We need to reopen the discussion of abortion.

What does your church say about abortion?

Let me answer that for you. It doesn’t matter!

Got that? Churches are creations of man, controlled by man, supported by man’s donations, led by men. If you’re Christian, what your church says about abortion means nothing. What matters is what your God says about it.

If your God doesn’t agree with your church, and I can guarantee that for most Christians they don’t, then the man is fallible, your God is not.

The real question is, what does the Christian God say about abortion?

From the few links provided by the post on Christian Nation, we can see that God recommended abortion on multiple occasions to stop the birth of children into infected/heathen villages. The Christian Bible even has a detailed recipe for abortion.

The Bible references life to begin when the breath of life is blown. In other words, life begins at birth, at first breath.

Don’t believe this? Read the Bible. For example, in Exodus:

21:22 If men strive, and hurt a woman with child, so that her fruit depart from her, and yet no mischief follow: he shall be surely punished, according as the woman’s husband will lay upon him; and he shall pay as the judges determine.
21:23 And if any mischief follow, then thou shalt give life for life,
21:24 Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot,
21:25 Burning for burning, wound for wound, stripe for stripe.

This tells us two things about abortion and Christian belief.

  1. If a man brutalizes a woman causing an abortion/miscarriage, then, meh, he has to pay the lesser of what the husband wants or what the judges might decide. However,
  2. If the woman dies or suffers any other mischief, then he pays “life for life.”

Ponder that. According to the Christian Bible, an unborn child is not a “person” worthy of a life for a life because it isn’t born yet. Is it worth something? Sure, something, but not the same as a life or a “tooth for a tooth.”

If this isn’t what your Christian church teaches, then you are going to the wrong church if you are trying to follow the teachings of Jesus. Jesus taught the principles in the Bible. All of the Bible.

I’ll leave you with an important question and ask that you consider it seriously. Why does your church preach things that are the contrary to the principles defined in black and white in the Bible and taught by Jesus? Is yours the church of God or the church of man?

Let’s open up the discussion and come together as a country on how best to deal with the issue of abortion. And let’s leave the troubled churches out of it.

15 thoughts on “Christian Views on Abortion”

  1. The quote from Exodus says a lot more. A woman can’t decide what is a fair punishment for crimes against her. HUH? A FRUIT is not a child. Even 3000 years ago they knew that. When someone refers to a fetus as a child they are more backward than men thousands of years ago

  2. Good post. It is time America started coming together on a lot of issues. Every issue the politicians and political parties can divide us over is another one they use against all of us.

  3. I like the comments I once read somewhere in these posts saying that men have no say in this discussion until the day we get pregnant.

    But, still, I’ll risk adding my two cents anyway.

    It has been my finding in talking with people that only the hopelessly fanatic actually believe, contrary to the Christian Bible, that it’s a real live baby the second it is conceived. I’ve learned to just ignore those people.

    The rest of us, the sane among us, must then decide when life begins.

    I’m not much for letting the Bible define when life starts. It’s far too wrong on too many thing that really matter to seek today’s answers there.

    I’d say that life begins, really begins, when the fetus becomes viable. In other words, when it could survive birth and live a healthy life. What is that? 6 months? 7? 8?

    If it’s a choice between possibly being the life of the mother or the life of the child, it is between the mother her family, her doctor, and possibly her god. No one else should have anything to say about it. Just STFU.

    And, finally, every single childbirth is a big risk for the mother so every birth is a possible choice between the mother and the child.

    1. Well, actually they are. That is the whole point here. Those are Christian values as described in detail in the Christian handbook. If they’re not your values, consider yourself lucky you’re not really a Christian. By the book.

  4. I agree. Leave the churches out of it. I saw a bumper sticker beinf handed out at my church saying you can’t be a Christian and not oppose abortion. It seems more accurate if it had said you can’t be a Christian unless you support it.

  5. Sure, let’s talk abortion. I think life begins at the first heart beat. All abortions after that should be banned.

    1. That might sound great on a bumper sticker but it doesn’t work so well in practice. There are lots of cases that need to be considered. What if the fetus can’t survive childbirth? What if the mom can’t?

      If you still stand by your bumper sticker then you demonstrate an inability to discuss or even learn from your mistakes.

      If you admit there are other cases that must be considered then the question is, what cases must be considered. When should the woman not be the best one to decide?

  6. Your words create a thunderstorm in my mind. I’m not here to talk about abortion, but about your comments regarding the Bible.

    Maybe what you say is true. I’ve re-read the sections of the Bible that you refer to and can only say that these passages were written a long long time before Christ. It’s hardly fair to associate these evils or any other in the Bible to Jesus unless he was directly involved in them, and in these cases, he obviously wasn’t.

    What’s more, your reference to following everything in the Bible, like Dave’s quote at the end of the Bible about taking it in its entirety is taken out of context. Those words are only meant in reference to the book of Revelation.

    But writing those words leaves me with the taste of bile because I can interpret the way you do and only choose to interpret it differently. This is not the intent of the Bible. These truths are not open to interpretation.

    So if we can’t take the whole Bible then can we accept any of it? Is it not the false profit the Bible warns us about if it’s not right all the time?

    If mankind does not follow in the teachings of Jesus, I fear we are doomed as a race. Then, these are, indeed, the end of days.

    1. OMG, Bill. Are you really nothing but an immoral husk of a man if you don’t have religion? That’s really sad. What is even more sad is that you think that other people are just like you.

      I feel sad for those like you.

      Religion doesn’t make us stronger or more moral. It’s just the opposite. Stand up and do the right thing because you’re a good person, not because you’re afraid of some authoritarian god.

  7. I was not planning to read this post as it seemed to be more about religion than abortion, but since you ask, here is what I think of abortion.

    I agree with comments I’ve read on previous posts on the topic. Men have no rights when it comes to these decisions. Want to have a say in the topic? Then start getting pregnant.

    When life begins has nothing to do with this discussion. If the mother’s life is at risk, then it’s a decision for the mother to be. And every single birth puts the mother’s life at risk.

    This means that prior to any birth, any whatsoever, it is up to me what I am to do with my pregnancy. You have no say.

    No one, including my husband, has any decision-making rights. What would I say, “is it okay if I live or do you want me to die trying to give birth?” I know lots of religious nuts, like ISIS and Christians would think I should defer to my husband, but that’s just immoral and downright sick. No one decides my life but me.

    And one last point. If you are against abortions, then you should give 90% of your family’s income and wealth to caring for the unwanted or motherless children and another 15% on caring for the mothers who shouldn’t have tried to give birth. Anything less means you’re just lying. You don’t care. You’re lying to yourself and you’re lying to us. So just shut up.

    1. Wow. Got an opinion much? 🙂

      Good for you for speaking your mind.

      But I must protest. Shouldn’t the father have some say if the risk to the mother is minimal?

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