10 thoughts on “Why Women Don’t Vote Republican”

  1. Republicans want rape victims to get raped again with an ultrasound wand to discourage them from wanting to terminate the pregnancy. How could any woman vote for that party? SERIOUSLY!

  2. It’s not the whole party. It’s just a handful of fanatics. There are fanatics in both parties.

    1. Oh come on, already. Stop with the false equivalency crap.

      The Republican party is so against women it reeks of it. Sure, you might find one or two who secretly and silently support women, but the rest are all rabid. And sure, you might find a few Democrats who are pigs, but the vast majority are for rights and protections for women.

      If you really believe the equivalency garbage, please do yourself a favor and wake up and start reading the news. And I mean real news, not just conservative propaganda.

  3. I get so sick of the conservative meem that both sides are just as bad. It’s the mark of someone out of touch with the facts.

  4. The blog posts on this site seem so foreign to me. Nothing makes sense at first blush. But after I think about them, I can almost see how you misinterpret the way you do.

    But is it really you who is misinterpreting since I can see how you arrive at your conclusions? This website is good. You’re making me think and question the things I’ve been taking at face value for so long.

    Thank you.

  5. I suspect we all know women , similar to Muslims, who believe women are second class quasi humans and deserve the relentless abuse their party and their husbands heap upon them.

  6. What amazes me the most is that those who so stridently oppose abortion also oppose helping the poor and mis-fortunate. They’re too wrapped up in their biases to realize that. I like the idea that if you really oppose abortion, then spend every minute and every dollar supporting those who you are demanding to be nothing but worthless breeding vessels.

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