US Gun Ownership Explodes – What’s the Effect

Gun ownership in the US has exploded and along with it the number of gun deaths has gone up as well, just as one would expect.  It is quite concerning that many of those gun owners have the mental capacity of a squirrel or NRA member, believing that “more guns” is the solution.

This means that many of those mentally challenged gun toting people are out there with their weapons loaded driving their cars and sharing our public spaces, shooting up our schools and theaters.

This has got to stop. The US has got to take a stand against this stupidity and the needless deaths.

Now, dont jump to conclusions,  I’m a strong advocate for the right to own guns, within reason. I even enjoy target practice,  myself.

It’s sad that I see these squirrels on the social media sites spewing their NRA talking points but never sticking around long enough to defend their mistaken positions or risk actually finding out theyre on the wrong side of history.

Why do we continue to sacrifice our safety and the safety of our children so those iimbeciles can make up for their insecurities at our expense?

It’s time we regulated firearms like the constitution says.


3 thoughts on “US Gun Ownership Explodes – What’s the Effect”

  1. I agree, completely. I own guns and would be comfortable proving that I am capable of owning them.

    The problem is that those who demand there be no regulation are exactly the ones who should not be owning weapons.

  2. Ya. But actually gun crime has gone down. So your argument is ignorant, like you accuse those you disagree with.

    1. Ya, you know, you can leave a name, even if it’s a fake name.

      How many school shootings do you remember when you were growing up? Ya, um, none. Right?

      Anyone can come up with the manufactured lines from the NRA about how more guns are the answer and have reduced gun crimes and everything else including dental plaque. But the majority of people see the bias and ignore the slanted facts.

      So, ya, you can find someone’s numbers somewhere to prove your point but it doesn’t change the facts we all see every day.

      And, lastly, ya, um, there are no good numbers on gun crimes because the Republican party has made it illegal for the government to keep track of gun crime statistics anymore. Do you even wonder why? So people can go quoting the fake statistics the NRA publishes as if they’re real facts.

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