Are We Getting Fed Up Yet?

What’s with all the senseless killings in our news? Is this how we will define our lives and how our children and grandchildren remember us?

Cops kill unarmed civilians, especially people of color. Grand juries find the cops not guilty.

The backlash against the cops is getting out of hand, but are we surprised, are we listening, yet?

What’s the thought process, today? “There’ll be more civilian killings until morale improves!”

Cops who kill civilians need to be tried in a court system that is separate from the system used to try civilians. There’s no way a court designed to believe the cop’s testimony above all else can possibly fairly try a cop, or a civilian for that matter. No wonder they’re usually acquitted for the murders they do.

Killing cops in retribution isn’t the answer but it’s obviously the symptom of a judicial system that is ceasing to function.

Fix the system now. Convict the killing cops and the problem will go away. Continue to neglect the problem like we’re doing now, and it will get worse, much worse.

2 thoughts on “Are We Getting Fed Up Yet?”

  1. Do you know anyone in law enforcement? I challenge you to go out and talk to some or even better see what they do and what they put up with daily. I know many in different forms and all of them deal with things that are so disrespectful, tragic, and hardly anyone ever knows.
    On the other side, all we ever hear about is the worst cases of police. Either bad apples or civilians not understanding exactly what they are watching.
    Things need context. A video with no context is really an incomplete story even though we treat it as a complete story. For example, if police are looking for someone with a certain description who has just committed an armed robbery and they find someone fitting that description that person is going to have a short leash. That’s why it’s always important to listen and obey. Period. But people today think “But I’ve done nothing wrong” and get mad and resist. Well that may get you shot. You don’t always know everything. There is plenty of time for complaints etc. In the moment do as you’re told. But it’s ridiculous to think thst in today’s society that is going to happen.
    Another example, the recent shooting by police in Baton Rouge, LA (Sterling.) Everyone on TV says the cops were in the wrong. But ask anyone in law enforcement. If someone is resisting arrest as he was and has to be tackled, then goes for his pocket and you can feel or see a gun in his pocket they are going to shoot you, period. (The facts as I understand them.) And it will be justified. I pray when these cops get off that everyone can understand that. By the way police don’t shoot to injure. That’s only in the movies.
    Police are not the bad guys. They have an impossible job to do. Give them the respect they deserve and stop judging them by these videos . Wait till all the facts come out.
    I did however find your point about a separate trial system for police interesting but in the law says different. And in the end the responsibility to be fair lies with the judge or jury. It’s no different with any given plaintiff and defendant.

  2. Todd has some good points, however, I didn’t interpret the post to say the cops are always the bad guy. The problem is that there are some/many who are the bad guy and the only thing worse than a bad guy with a gun is a bad cop with a gun. (Ha, I made that up.)

    As for acquiescing to authority, someone needs to read American history. When has this ever solved anything? Ask the blacks in the 60s, ask women fighting for suffrage. In fact, ask our founding fathers. Were they acquiescing to authority? It is the American way to keep authority on a short leash. And, this means cops that break that leash should be tried and treated like criminals, not like cops.

    As for a separate judicial system for bad cops, you can’t expect people who make a living relying on the local police for their daily bread to convict a fellow cop. It hardly ever happens. So how do you suggest we resolve this?

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