This is Not Normal

We must work to ensure this does not become the norm.

America has endured an endless stream of unbelievable and unacceptable embarrassments from the Trump administration. We are becoming numb to the horrors. Worst of all, the Republican representatives who are responsible for censoring Trump are all too happy to circle the wagons rather than actually having investigations into the wrong doings.

This is not normal. Even Nixon had Republicans around him who were prepared to see that the crimes were investigated. Today’s GOP just wants to brush it under the rug.

This is not normal.

When a political party holds the needs of their party over the needs of America it can only be bad for America. It is not normal for an American political party to downplay the fact that a foreign country has meddled with our elections. Regardless of whether or not you believe it influenced the outcome, it is an attack from a foreign country and needs to be brought to light. Yet, the GOP hides and downplays it.

Is that normal?

A president fires government official who are responsible for investigating this which seems to be an obvious obstruction of justice. Maybe it was just a stupid mistake. Maybe. But if Obama had been involved in it during his presidency, there would have been endless investigations and allegations. Yet, we hear nothing from the party now that it’s one of their own.

This is not normal. We cannot allow this to stand. We must take back our democracy and get out the party that will hide attacks from a foreign country to protect their president.

This is not a Democratic or Republican issue, it’s an American issue. No party is more important than the needs of our great country and anyone who is trying to downplay this is hurting our nation.

This is not normal.

4 thoughts on “This is Not Normal”

  1. It’s not normal for a president to make profit for his businesses and family businesses from being president. It’s also against the law.

  2. And it’s not normal for a president to lie as often and flagrantly as this one and still have voters believing in him. It’s not normal for so many people to be so clueless about the crimes of their elected officials.

  3. Nor is it normal having Russia funding a president’s Trump hotel. Does no one find this criminal? How can anyone continue to support Trump seeing how he is influenced by his business clients.

    Get him out now!

  4. There’s a whole lot that’s just not normal and plain not right. Never before has an American political party refused to do their sworn duty to uphold the constitution by denying to consent to a judge appointment, cheating and giving the appointment to their own president. It’s criminal, yet the ignorant Republican voters continue to vote for them. They don’t care about Democracy.

    It’s not normal for a political party to try to ram through laws without even allowing them to be read or debated. Yet the Republican party is doing this and the ignorant Republican voter just does nothing.

    Democracy is slipping away from us and the Republican voters couldn’t care less.

    I guess we get the country we deserve, even if it’s not the Democrats who are making it happen.

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