Worthless Investigations

These results of the Mueller’s investigation are worthless unless something is actually done about these findings. Sure, a couple lowly lackeys will get their hands slapped. But so what?

Trump walks free even though everything points to him.  And he will continue to walk free as long as our criminal GOP continues to protect him and THEMSELVES.

Even the indictments are worthless as long as Trump can pardon the criminals. After all, that’s what he does.

So all this is worthless unless we can force the Republicans in Congress to do their jobs, which they are scared to death to actually do and probably are ill equipped to do even if they wanted.

America’s Democracy is broken. Can we fix it while the Republicans are still in charge?

3 thoughts on “Worthless Investigations”

  1. OMG the GOP propaganda machine is going nuts. They’re trying everything to lie and distract. It’s Clinton’s fault. It’s Benghazi, it’s Obama’s fault, it’s Mueller’s fault. They’re even discussing how they can stop the investigations by pulling funding.

    If that doesn’t scream guilty, we’re all deaf.

  2. Holy cow. Overnight, the Trump administration has gone from saying there’s no Russian collusion. Fake News. To this: It’s okay to collude with the Russians.

    How can anyone justify supporting this immoral man?

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