Does Trump Love America?

In my entire life I have never seen a politician or even a candidate for any office smearing America like Trump and his followers do.

How did we get to the point where the party that is in control of our government hate it so? Trump fills his cabinet posts with people who are against the purpose of the position.  This isn’t all that new. Reagan was good at filling positions like the Labor positions who were anti-labor and people to the education department who were against public education.

But never  has it been this bad, never in my lifetime. Trump bashes just about everything America from the media to the Democrats (you know, the majority of Americans) to the liberals to the justice department, to the FBI.

How could anyone vote for a party that hates America so much?

Did they really believe that there was going to be any draining of the swamp? I don’t believe so. Many people knew what kind of man Trump was before the election. His rants of “Fake News” and “Grab ’em by the p****” were  obvious clues.

So, the voters who supported Trump (including those who didn’t vote Trump or Hillary) all knew what they were getting but they voted for him anyway, all for the sake of getting entrenched political ideology out of the swamp.

The sad part of all this is many of those Republican voters would do it all over again.

So, you tell me, does the GOP really hate America like it appears or are they just capitalizing on the frustration voters have, not with the country, but with our government?

3 thoughts on “Does Trump Love America?”

  1. As you point out, this is nothing new for the GOP. Their entire shtick is make government fail and then complain how the government doesn’t work. And the Repub voter has been falling for it for the past 40 years.

  2. Can you believe it? This president believes Putin before he will believe his own intelligence organizations. That’s downright scary.

  3. Have you been paying attention to the values voters in Alabama saying they’ll vote for a pedophile before they desert their cult? That is what is bad for America.

    I know how the GOP tries to instill a “your either with us or against” mentality and it’s hard to stop and admit to yourself that it’s all a lie. I used to be a Republican. But it’s time for everyone to wake up to the lies. I did, you can too.

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