Russian Agents and Cyber Warfare

Anyone who even occasionally visits Twitter, is now seeing an avalanche of political posts coming from over seas. Trolls. I’m sure Twitter has enough in-house talent to prevent this but they better get on it.

We, here at JustSayWhy have seen an explosion of comment posts and attacks coming from Russian IP addresses and even more coming from VPN services. This is a real shame since we need to encourage the use of VPN to ensure Internet privacy.

Like Twitter, the VPN companies probably have the talent to stop nefarious activity from their customers, however, this might be a step too far for many who want total freedom to do anything they want and hide their real addresses.

To reduce the criminal behavior from the Russians polluting our discourse with Trump propaganda, JustSayWhy is now blocking all VPN traffic. It’s a shame to discourage a service as valuable as VPN, but we will not play this game.

What this means to you? Probably nothing unless you use a VPN company to hide your real IP address. More than that, though, is you now must be wary of any post and comments on any website you visit as the Russians are coming.

4 thoughts on “Russian Agents and Cyber Warfare”

  1. The Russians are coming
    to sell Trump.

    I’ve seen it as well on many sites, especially Twitter

  2. It’s not just the digital media. We now have TV, radio, and news paper ads that can and do legally come from American and foreign billionaires, intent on subverting our Democracy.

    Thank you, Republicans for voting for those who are destroying our great country. It all leads back to Citizens United case in the Supreme Court brought to us by the GOP.

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