The Cruel New Tax Bill

I can’t believe they’re still trying to sneak through, the tax bill that gives trillions of dollars to GOP doners and members of Congress while taking that money directly from our treasury – and some people are naive enough to believe that it will help them.

Who do you think is going go have to pay back the national debt after this? Congress? Their owners (doners)? No, it’ll be you and me and worse yet, our kids and grandkids.

If it’s not illegal for Congress to pass bills that enrich themselves at our expense, it should be and what’s more, it is immoral. But one party doesn’t really care so much about what’s right, legal, or moral.

What else could we be using that money for? How about fixing up our infrastructure so our bridges and trains don’t come crashing down? But, no, Trump expresses his fake concern and touts how someday, real soon, they’ll do something about it. But, not today, they’re busy taking away our healthcare, and robbing our treasury and removing money from our infrastructure. Obviously, we know what is most important in their eyes.

So, let’s get this straight, those getting rich are our Congress, their owners, billion dollar corporations, billionaires, and Big Pharma. And who loses? Our treasury is raided, money for our infrastructure is reduced by this tax giveaway bill. Our deficit will take a trillion dollar hit that you and I will have to repay. And they pretend you and I get a couple bucks out of the deal

Who really makes out on this deal?

Call your Congressman today and tell them you know what they’re up to and they better vote no. DO IT TODAY!

3 thoughts on “The Cruel New Tax Bill”

  1. Even those middle income voters who might be getting a buck and a quarter back now, will be paying it back in a couple years, plus interest, plus losing all the benefits their tax dollars used to bring. You know. Like a functioning government

  2. We are still suffering from the wealth redistribution to the top 1% from the GWB giveaways. But I guess it’s just not going up to them fast enough. Trump and the complicit GOP want to speed up the redistribution. And as long as not enough people care to get out in the streets and fix this, they will continue to accelerate the theft, one bill at a time

  3. I see lots of comments like this but still I want to tell my story. Maybe other Republicans will see the need to reconsider.

    I have been a conservative and a registered Republican all my voting life. I watched Fox news and the other conservative media and believed it all.

    But one day I noticed that all the news sources were using the same exact talking points, word for word. Every one, including CBS, Fox, Drudge, GOP emails, and more. The little hairs on the back of my neck tingled and I felt like I was being force-fed propaganda. It actually started to feel like the Brave New World.

    So I started getting my news from both conservative sources and the “rabid alt-left libtard” sources, you know, basically anything that wasn’t GOP propaganda. And you know what I found out?

    I was being force-fed talking points from the billionaire news sources and was conditioned to disbelieve anything else. The other news sources started making more sense.

    The Republican party is not what it used to be and I started questioning their motives (like the latest tax scam). I didn’t vote for Trump but I couldn’t force myself to vote for a Democrat, either, so I voted for neither. And Trump won.

    If other Republicans did the same, it is on our consciences that we have this abomination for president.

    It was with this realization that I decided that the Republican party is actively damaging our country, our earth, our climate, and what was once the Grand Old Party.

    I will now do everything in my power to undo the short-term and long-term harm I have caused this country by voting Republican.

    Maybe once we get this all cleaned up I’ll look at the Republican party again and see if they’re worth voting for. Till then, we have to get the poison out of our government.

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