3 thoughts on “WWJD”

  1. What would Jesus do? He’d be brought the long journey to our border where he would be killed by Trump, his policies, and his henchmen.

    We gotta discourage any more of them brown people, dontchaknow?

  2. America has to realize it’s more important to block hate and the Republican party that feeds off it than it is to block people fleeing a burning building of a country. If you’re Republican, it’s time to put on your big boy panties and buck up already. Those starving asylum seekers aren’t out to get you. The GOP is out to get you. Ask yourself, who is making you afraid. Is it your media? Well, of course it is. The GOP is using fear propaganda to make fools of you. Is it working?

  3. Come on, come on, come on already. Let’s see the pee pee tape. Ever wonder why the whole world is laughing at America? We have a clown in the White House

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