Another Fine Republican

We often get hate mail and have considered publishing them for the sake of humor, but we decide against it. We believe everyone knows just how rabid people can get over politics. This message came in on our “Contact” page. It true fine Republican form, it is divorced from reality to the point border on humorous. Humorous, with a sprinkle of sad. Here it is. Feel free to comment if you agree or disagree with this.

To call out the Republican party which led right now by DT is more of a third party than ever before is not only ridiculous its a bit irresponsible the upside is not many read this blog. Fascists came to power by hindering opposition, skewing how news is reported and consistently used the media as well as movies to promote their agenda. This is exactly the playbook of the left right now and interestingly enough before Hitler’s true colors FDR often talked about how progressive and insightful Hitler’s plans were, FDR sent a group over to Germany to study his economic plans. The Reich used false dossiers to have his rival killed (sounds familiar). BO left the world burning and I have to say I don’t particularly care for DT’s style but it is working both repubs and dems are getting exposed by DT bc he could really care less what anyone thinks. He sees what we have done for years has been burying our future economy. Basically your last paragraph was just a typical cheap shot by the left who love say things loud as if that makes them true. The current left is that of the nobility of convenience.

Where does one begin with so many misconceptions? I’ll start at the top but have no interest in disprove all the lies that have been debunked so many times before.

  • To call out the Republican party which led right now by DT is more of a third party than ever before is not only ridiculous its a bit irresponsible

The Republican Congress could oppose Trump as their oath of office demands, but they are complicit. Not a single one of them wants to oppose Trump. The GOP is the party of Trump. Trump is not a 3rd party but the natural culmination of the party since the adoption of the Southern Strategy.

  • This is exactly the playbook of the left right now

Demonizing the press is exactly the GOP and Trump’s playbook. Have you not been paying attention? Ever heard the phrase, “fake news,” or, “enemy of the people?” It’s not the left saying that. Where have you been? What rock are you finding your news under? Please tell me you’re not foolish enough to believe Fox or the other GOP propaganda.

Okay, I’m tired of this. Feel free to come back with some credible links to back up your assertions. Doing the research to accomplish that just might open up your eyes to the lies your being fed.

Anyone else want to comment?

12 thoughts on “Another Fine Republican”

  1. Oh my gosh, read the news. The Trump re-election team just teamed up with, you guessed it, the GOP. Looks like you’ve got a real kook here who either doesn’t read the news or is just a troll. Check the IP address of the commenter. It might just be coming from Russia or the GOP or one of their think tanks. Smells of troll to me.

  2. Hey, fool, did you read the news today? Any day? Contrary to the recommendations of our military, Trump pulled us out of Syria. The Defense Secretary resigned.

    Trump is destroying this country and the Republicans who voted for the Republicans giving him cover are responsible for this disaster. Donb’t pretend this isn’t the Republican party’s responsibility. You must be a troll. No one is really that stupid.

    What do you say now? Crickets, I’m sure. That’s the way you trolls always work. Spew a bunch of crap on the ground and then run away.

  3. The last comment is too funny, if not so sad for America. You call something, anything, a cheap shot against the Republicans without even realizing the satire. The Republican party is a caricature of their party. They stand for NOTHING that is good and are the greatest threat to America in our time. The GOP are complicit in Trump’s crimes and the entire party should be investigated and imprisoned for their crimes. “Cheap shot.” What a nut case.

  4. Is this person serious? It looks a little too suspicious to me. I think you’ve been duped by a troll

  5. Where do these people come from? It’s too bad that they just come and say their piece and then run away not waiting to hear the truth in fear that somebody might actually convince them that they are wrong about everything when it comes to the Republican Party

    1. Usually we only see this behavior right before elections. Being this far away, it almost looks like some sort of damage control. Maybe the GOP is finally getting worried about just how criminal they have become.

  6. I see this stuff a lot during campaigns. It’s usually the GOP propaganda machine. Did this come to you during the mid-term elections? If so, just ignore it. It’s more trash for the Party of Corruption

  7. It’s sickening to see how the GOP and their cronies and think tanks can disrupt our news and information so easily. This is all just propaganda. Why bother echoing it?

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