The Criminal GOP

America is, at this moment, abandoning our promises. This is a big deal, bigger than most of us realize. When people don’t trust your word, you are nothing, and Trump and the GOP are backing out of one promise after another.

It will take decades to restore our integrity, if we can ever do it. Who will ever believe a promise from or a contract with America ever again? We have proven that a single rogue president can break each and every promise we have made to our friends and neighbors over the centuries. We are letting a single president sully the reputation of our great nation.

But it’s not all about Trump. The real criminals are the complicit Congressional Republicans who are shirking their responsibility to enforce a balance of power to prevent this. We have three branches that are supposed to be working together to check and balance each other. But now that the GOP controls all three, they are neglecting their sworn duties.

It’s not sufficient to just vote them out of office. They are criminals, and not just criminal negligence, but downright complicity. The only way to cure this disaster is to disband the GOP, their propaganda, and their think thanks and then investigate each and every politician in the party.

It sounds harsh, doesn’t it? But not as harsh as destroying America’s word, destroying faith in America, worldwide. Yes, it is harsh. But it’s the only way to clean the poison out of our blood stream. Send the crooks to prison and it will discourage future criminals from trying to take over a political party in the future.

And, we can only hope that this will start to restore America’s good name.

3 thoughts on “The Criminal GOP”

  1. Good post. You’re right. The crimes of this Party of Corruption go way back and run way deep. The difference between the parties is that the Dems want to clean out the crooks when they’re found in the Democratic party but the Republicans just give their crooks standing ovations and chant stupid slogans that show off their IQ.

  2. The party of family values, you know. The GOP is synonymous with crimes. They are the crime family. Now their the crime and traitor family.

  3. The GOP has been raking up record after record of the most corrupt administrations ever since Reagan. Why stop now? What will it take for the Republicans to wake up and realize they’re being played for fools?

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