Republicans not only unprepared but dangerously ignorant

Trump refuses to work with the Democrats elected by Americans. Trump doesn’t want to work with Pelosi on the Coronavirus , COVID-19 pandemic because, well, because she made Trump feel bad. Too bad for all the Americans dying from the virus, Trump got his little feelings hurt so he doesn’t care if we live or die.

But, hey, America finally forced his hand and he agreed to sign the Democrats’ bill to save American lives. But now the Republican Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell is out of town, because, well you know, he doesn’t really care that Americans are dying any more than Trump does.

I realize that Fox and the rest of the GOP propaganda disparages liberals and Democrats every chance they can, but it is obvious to anyone who actually pays attention that the Democrats are trying to save our country and save our people and the Republicans are totally unprepared to do anything to help. In fact, all they do is interfere with solutions.


3 thoughts on “Republicans not only unprepared but dangerously ignorant”

  1. There are now countless news articles about how Trump delayed any action on the Coronavirus for his own benefit. If this isn’t imprisonable behavior I don’t know what is

    Must make a Republican voter so proud

  2. It’s not natural for so many people to be Republican-ignorant. It just doesn’t happen on its own. What is sucking the brains out of so many otherwise reasonable people? Can it really all be Fox news?

    I wonder, is there anyone out there who supports Trump and isn’t a Fox news fool? Anyone?

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