Coronavirus is killing people because of trump

Trump’s response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus has been worse than not having a president at all. People are dying, people are spreading this because Trump doesn’t know how to handle a crisis.

Take a look at our government. When we put unqualified people in the administration and in our agencies, things break down. There is no room for nepotism. It only leads to deaths. But, nepotism is the Republican way. They have always put political hacks in positions of power. Now we get to see why this is such a stupid thing to do.

And why it ‘s such a stupid thing to vote for a Republican.

Calling this a Chinese virus is an awful thing to do. Hundreds of innocent Americans are being attacked because they look asian and Trump has mobilized his ignorant racists into attacking Americans.

If you know anyone who really thinks Trump is doing a fine job with this or any other of his responsibilities, please explain to them what the facts are.

Because of Trump, America has been treating the virus like Italy and only China beats Italy in the size of the disaster. But, we are soon to be near the top of the list, too. At least Italy is now doing everything they can to fix this. We, on the other hand, are attacking each other and licking handrails because the ignorant believe when Trump says this is a hoax.

This disaster in America is the TrumpVirus.

It is a sad sad time in the history of America and it is all Trump’s and the GOP’s  fault.

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