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Obama Success

How Things Have Changed Since Obama

Under Bush Under Obama
Major attacks on our soil Trade Center Twin Towers None
Number of Wars Lied Into 2 0
Benghazi Attacks 11 1
New Jobs per Month -700,000 +200,000
Health Insurance Inflation Rate Over 30% 12%
Price of gasoline Over $4.00 – Drill Baby Drill Under $3.00
Economy Greatest recession since Great Depression Stock Market at all time high
Common Sense of Conservative Voters Poor Even Worse


The Republicans hate Obama so much they want the good old days back.

And, get ready. We’re going to see them and much worse that we could have imagined.


We are now seeing Ebola victims in hospitals all across Africa, in Spain, Germany, and the USA, and so many more.

I hear people say it’s Obama’s fault. Well, the same people say everything is Obama’s fault so their arguments are meaningless. But how should we be dealing with this nightmare?

Should we shut down our airports and turn away everyone from every country that might have an Ebola patient? Maybe only the ones with brown or black Ebola patients?

If we decide to shut down the airports, we should also shut down our sea ports. And for that matter, maybe we should just start shooting anyone who looks like they might be trying to come to the USA.

Well, okay, I was being facetious, but these issues have to be discussed seriously and without fear and hatred.

Thomas, the Ebola patient who died in Texas followed screening guidelines. The news at first was reporting that he lied on the questionnaire, but it turned out that he didn’t realize his relative had Ebola at the time. She died later.

This demonstrates and a little common sense indicates that there is no way we can prevent any and every case from coming to the USA. We should be diligent and limit the numbers who come but to expect to get 100% is just a dream.

So, what do we do to successfully manage this disease once it’s come to the USA? Obviously what we’re doing now isn’t working. The health care worker who worked on Thomas has now come down with the disease. Again, obviously what we’re doing now isn’t working.

We need a national health care system that can work as a unit, following guidelines for preparing for the incoming patients and guidelines on how to treat the patients. This can’t be done on a for-profit basis. Why would a hospital pay the money up front to prepare only to find that they never get an Ebola patient. Thomas was turned away from the hospital on his first visit because they couldn’t make money on him.

What is even more important is that since the Texas Governor wants to play politics with the lives of poor working Texans, a full 25% of working Texans do not even have health insurance. They are not going to be going to the doctor when they really  should be. They’ll wait until it’s an emergency and then go to the emergency room in the hospital, all the while spreading the disease.

Thankfully we have Obamacare to help those in the Democratic states. They will be going to the doctors rather than spreading the disease. The red states? All I can say is I hope they wake up before it’s too late.

What has Happened to Our World?

I stumbled across a children’s health clinic being held at a local hardware store, today.

The horror of our health care industry smacked me right in the face. What have we done with our once great nation?

I saw an endless line of children without health insurance. Some of the children were so sick someone called the ambulance. Even a fire truck showed up. Some of the children were too sick to even stand on their own.

How could we let this nation come to this? How can we be so silent while the Republicans turn this great country into the Libertarian Paradise of Somalia?  Children there are dying without health care, too.

Health care is a right, it’s not a privileged offered to only the wealthy. Obamacare is a small, tiny step in the right direction and even that is being opposed by the Republicans. The Republican party wants the sick and the poor to hurry up and just die.

This isn’t the America I read about in school. This is a bizarre nightmare brought on by too much Libertarian Voodoo economics.

This country is falling apart around our ankles and we need to get mad as Hell and get out in the streets and demand progress.

The Demise of the Republican Party Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

Single Issue Voters Getting Manipulated

Almost all of America agrees with the policies of the Progressive Left. This includes agreeing with the majority of the following issues:

  • The rich have gotten too rich
  • The rich have too much influence over our political system
  • Our political system needs to be more representative of the needs of the middle class
  • We need to fix the economy so we can bring back the middle class in this country
  • We need to take care of the least among us, including extended unemployment benefits, food stamps, food for poor children
  • We need to fix our broken health care system
  • We need to get off fossil fuels and need to start developing energy systems for the 21st century
  • We need to do something about global warming and the freaky once-in-a-century storms we’re seeing every day, now

In fact, not only does the vast majority of America believe these things, the vast majority of REPUBLICANS believe these things.

So, if that’s true, then why does anyone still vote republican? The answer is obvious and this answer explains why America is at a greater risk than ever of being destroyed by the wealthy, at the hands of the the Republican voters who believe all these things. This answer should scare the dickens out of you.

The Republican party and the top 1% of our wealthy elite have found a way to get the average Republican to vote against America. This sounds like hyperbole, but bear with me. The vast majority of Republican voters are single issue voters. In other words, they are willing to see all the other issues, mentioned above, go to Hell as long they get their one hot item issue. Even if they don’t get the one issue, they’ll vote for a party that lies to them and says they’re going to provide it.

And, what are these single issues that the Republican voter will vote for even if it means the destruction of America? What are the things that are so important that they’re more important than our economy or more important than everything else our country stands for? You’ve probably guessed. But here is a short list of things that some fanatics will vote for, even if it means voting against everything else that matters to them.

  • Gun rights
  • Abortion restrictions
  • Birth control restrictions
  • Putting women in their place at the back of the bus
  • Putting minorities at the back of the bus
  • Putting gays in their place
  • Protecting the great white class in America
  • Religious control of our country
  • Getting rid of the black man in the white house
  • Undoing equal rights
  • Benghazi
  • Anything Fox News says

The wealthy have found out how to control these ignorant fanatics to vote against everything that matters to them, just so long as they foolishly believe their one-ticket item will finally be addressed.

And now that the Republicans in the Supreme Court have opened the flood gates and allowed the wealthy and transnational corporations control of our political process, we are seeing billions of dollars spent to get those fanatics mobilized.

Come election day, these fanatics will be wetting their pants from all the scary advertising and will be the first ones in line to vote.

All the while, the rest of America will watch in horror at the spectacle that we see every election year and most will neglect to even get to the voting booths.

Big money will be controlling the fanatics more than ever this election year. If the rest of us quietly watch from the sidelines, we can kiss this country goodbye. Not goodbye in the future or goodbye next year or in a few years. If we don’t fix this right now, we will not get another chance.

Talk to your friends. Talk to your neighbors. Try to wake up your single-issue voters in your family to the fact that they’re being manipulated to vote against their own best interests and the best interest of their country.

More than anything, get everyone you know to register and get out and vote.

The Demise of the Republican Party Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

5 Things wrong with Obamacare

We’ve already discussed the benefits of Obamacare. Now let’s talk about what’s wrong with it.

1. Not Single Payer. Obama started from a conservative plan offered by Nixon, Romneycare, and the Heritage Foundation. This keeps the insurance profits in the cost. We really need Single Payer.

2. Death Panels. Keeping the insurance companies means keeping the death panels.

3. Republicans. They are the real problem with Obamacare. If it was the same exact thing offered by Romney, they would love it. But since they love their party more than the voters, they don’t want to fix it for fear of giving Obama another victory.

4. Our kids can only stay on our plan for a few years. We should be able to keep our kids on our plan as long as we want.

5. We need more doctors. Supply and demand will lower medical costs if there is reasonable competition. Free clinics will also provide more price competition. Obamacare needs to offer FREE medical education to anyone capable of doing it.

See what others love and hate about Obamacare.

The Awakening of America

The Awakening of America
David Schlecht

American voters are waking up from the cult they have been mesmerized by.

As with cults, people believe the absurd without question. Those who are questioned are ostracized and eventually excommunicated from the cult.

Cult followers typically do things that are against their best interests. Cults like Jonestown require the followers give away all their possessions, especially money, the family savings, retirement savings, homes, stock investments.

Cult followers live in a daze and are unable or unwilling to accept that their cult is killing them. They think it will hurt for a moment and then they can live forever. Sometimes they wake up in time, but other times, like the German Nazis or Heaven’s Gate, they don’t wake up until it’s too late.

America has a national cult that has the people voting for things that are against their own best interests. America knows we need more jobs, we need a better safety net, we need more benefits for the middle class, we need to fix our health care system. Yet, the Republican voters vote for a party that is against all those things.

The cult members are drinking the poison and are dying in the streets and in the parks and behind the mini-marts because their cult has stopped their welfare, their unemployment benefits, and refuse to do anything that will produce jobs.

Yet, the cult members still follow their cult. The followers believe themselves to be Christians and follow the good book and help their neighbors, contribute to charities that help the poor. They believe that we should provide for the least among us. Yet, they still vote for a party that does just the opposite.

This is a cult following. There is no way to deny it.

If you believe in what America stands for and for Christianity and you still vote Republican, you are mesmerized by your cult. When you respond, “let them die” while you know that’s the wrong solution, your a mesmerized by your cult.

If you continue to vote Republican while they slash your wages, your retirement, your schools, your standard of living, if you continue to vote for them while your neighbors are starving and freezing to death, you are following a cult.

But, don’t despair, I’m not expecting you to come to your senses. Most cult followers die before they wake up.

But, if you’re a Republican voter, look around you and you will see, every day, more of your fellow Republicans waking up and shaking off the fog and leaving the party.

You can either wake up or you can die with your cult.

For America’s sake, I hope you wake up before you and those relying on you (America’s future) are beyond saving.

The Republican Party, Lost in the Dark

The Republican Party, Lost in the Dark
David Schlecht

The Republican voters are beginning to wake up and see exactly what party they have been voting for and the majority of these people are repulsed at what has become of the Republican party.

Just today, the Republican candidates were coached on how to act like they cared, how to act like they had empathy, how to pretend that they are anything but soulless sociopaths.  But how can you hide your sickness when you refuse to provide long term unemployment insurance for the poor and starving and freezing without demanding that you first get to take food out of the mouths of other starving children or giving more money to the rich? There’s just no hiding the true soul of the Republican party and their voters are finally beginning to see them for what they truly are.

The great majority of Americans believe we need to strengthen our safety net, increase unemployment and other benefits to the poor, increase the minimum wage, and start expecting the billionaires to pay their fair share, but the Republican party is opposed to all the things the majority of America wants. And you know what? The Republican voter is beginning to realize it.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of gullible or uneducated who will never abandon their corrupt party. But the majority of them are leaving.

That is one reason the Republican party is trying so hard to prevent people from legally voting.

Jesus said feed the hungry, clothe the naked (house the homeless), heal the sick. The Republican party says let them die. Take away unemployment benefits, take away housing assistance, repeal Obamacare.

Soulless sociopaths.


Why Obama Shouldn’t Bargain

Why Obama Shouldn’t Bargain
Matthew K.

If you’re wondering why Obama isn’t negotiating with the Tea Baggers in the House of Representatives, you haven’t been paying attention.

The budget that the Republicans are holding hostage is the same budget they’ve been holding hostage all along. The negotiations are over. Got that? Remember Boehner saying he got 98% of what he wanted? Remember the last hostage taking when the Tea Party got their sequester that we’re still suffering through? Remember when Obama said, “nothing is off the table?” Remember those times?

That is when we were in negotiations. The budget has since been agreed to, the Tea Baggers got 98% of what they want, and now, they threaten harm to our country and our government and our economy if they can’t extract even more concessions, now, long after the negotiations have been finished.

This is just like someone negotiating to buy your house and then after you’ve agreed on a price, they come back and say, give me more or I’ll burn your house down.

This is not an attempt by the Republicans to negotiate in good faith. This is nothing less than a power grab. They got away with bullying Obama last time and just like a schoolyard bully, they’re sure they can get away with it again.

Obama set an extremely bad precedent by allowing them to bully him last time and now he’s paying the price. And he will continue to pay one ransom after another until he has nothing left to offer or until he stands up straight and looks them in the eyes and says this isn’t how a democracy operates. And, thankfully, it looks like he and America have finally learned our lesson.

Hey Tea Baggers. Negotiations are over. Pay for the things that America has agreed to and quit holding our country hostage.

Playing Politics While People Die

Playing Politics While People Die
David Schlecht

Many state governors haven’t decided what they’re going to do with the $258 Billion the states are getting in money to expand Medicare. There are many governors who have decided they will refuse the money, knowing that it will mean more people in their states will die. Why would a governor refuse money that might help save the lives to their residents?

Politics! That’s why. Plain and simple, they’re letting people die so they can cause Obamacare to fail.

Who would be so immoral as to do such awful things? Well, here’s a quick map of those who are refusing the money that will save the lives of their residents:

Read the entire article at Think Progress.

Are you at risk of dying so your governor can make political points?


The Republican Alternative to Obamacare

The Republican Alternative to Obamacare
Matthew K.

Everyone recognizes the Republican strategy these days. It’s all about winning the next election. It has nothing to do with actually solving our current problems. It is about winning the next election and nothing more.


Tell me, what is the Republican alternative to Obamacare? If they weren’t just trying to screw the country for the sake of making Obama look bad, they would actually be out there trying to fix our broken health care system.

But, are they?

Of course not. They have no credible plan to fix this broken system. They want to destroy what little Obama has done to fix this system and then leave it broken.

We are losing this country to the billionaires and the corporations and the Republican party wants to help us along the way. Cut more benefits and health care reforms to the average Americans and give more benefits and money and tax breaks to the rich. Cut out regulations that create jobs and save lives so the corporations can make more money.

But, America is waking up. We are all beginning to get out and talk to our neighbors. We’re waking up our Republican inlaws. We starting to take our country back. But we will only succeed when we can turn off the propaganda from the 1%. Turn off Fox. Turn off hate radio. If your church talks about voting for the anti-christian party, get up and walk out.

America is waking up!

The Benefits of Obamacare

The Benefits of Obamacare
David Schlecht

I went to Google and searched for a list of benefits of Obamacare. The only things I could find in the first five pages (before I gave up) were right-wing think tank pages full of lies and distortions.Have they no morals left on the right?

In other words, there’s no way for the average American to get an honest list of their benefits from Obamacare. No wonder! Every single American should be overjoyed about the fact that we have finally started to get a handle on our out-of-control medical insurance industry. Yeah for us, America!

But, the majority of sites that Google shows are all about how Obama’s commin’ for yur guns and you gramma. I’m surprised every American doesn’t believe this garbage, these lies, from the party of low morals.

So, I decided to try to compile a list of my own that people can read so they can make a fair and unbiased decision on how best to benefit from Obamacare.

Before I start, though, I want to let the ambitious amongst us know that you can download the whole 1,000 pages of the bill and read it for yourself. Also, there is a very nice interactive tool that can help walk you through the parts of the law that benefit you specifically.

One last point, due to opposition from the Republican party, much of the law couldn’t go into effect immediately, so when you read the list of benefits, remember that some don’t take effect right away.

So, let’s get to the list of benefits:

Benefits of ObamaCare

  • New tax credits are helping small business owners with the cost of providing health insurance for employees,
  • Young adults can now stay on their parents’ insurance until age 26,
  • Parents whose child is born with birth defects and childhood diseases won’t have to fight to keep their kids healthy because insurance companies are now prohibited from denying coverage for children with pre-existing conditions or placing lifetime limits on care
  • Seniors are getting help with the cost of their medications, giving them peace of mind and putting more money in their pockets
  • An additional 2.5 million young adults have gained coverage since September 2010
  • Nearly 54 million Americans with private health insurance, including approximately 20.4 million women have received preventive health services such as cancer screenings and immunizations at no additional cost (learn more about the health care law and preventive services and health care law and women)
  • The average senior on Medicare will save $4,200 on their health care by 2021, and more than 5.1 million people on Medicare have already saved an average of $635 each on prescription drug costs (read more on the health care law, seniors, and Medicare)
  • Families and small business are saving money on health care, and families who purchase private health insurance through exchanges that begin in 2014 could save up to $2,300 on their health care each year (learn more on the health care law and cost control)
  • No more insurance cancellations when people get sick.

Benefits for Women:

  • Being a woman is no longer a “pre-existing condition.”
  • Insurance companies can’t charge you more for being a woman either
  • Having a pap smear still sucks, but at least you don’t have to shell out a co-pay for it
  • You also don’t need a co-pay for birth control anymore
  • Have kids? Or want to? The law helps with that too.