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We are now seeing Ebola victims in hospitals all across Africa, in Spain, Germany, and the USA, and so many more.

I hear people say it’s Obama’s fault. Well, the same people say everything is Obama’s fault so their arguments are meaningless. But how should we be dealing with this nightmare?

Should we shut down our airports and turn away everyone from every country that might have an Ebola patient? Maybe only the ones with brown or black Ebola patients?

If we decide to shut down the airports, we should also shut down our sea ports. And for that matter, maybe we should just start shooting anyone who looks like they might be trying to come to the USA.

Well, okay, I was being facetious, but these issues have to be discussed seriously and without fear and hatred.

Thomas, the Ebola patient who died in Texas followed screening guidelines. The news at first was reporting that he lied on the questionnaire, but it turned out that he didn’t realize his relative had Ebola at the time. She died later.

This demonstrates and a little common sense indicates that there is no way we can prevent any and every case from coming to the USA. We should be diligent and limit the numbers who come but to expect to get 100% is just a dream.

So, what do we do to successfully manage this disease once it’s come to the USA? Obviously what we’re doing now isn’t working. The health care worker who worked on Thomas has now come down with the disease. Again, obviously what we’re doing now isn’t working.

We need a national health care system that can work as a unit, following guidelines for preparing for the incoming patients and guidelines on how to treat the patients. This can’t be done on a for-profit basis. Why would a hospital pay the money up front to prepare only to find that they never get an Ebola patient. Thomas was turned away from the hospital on his first visit because they couldn’t make money on him.

What is even more important is that since the Texas Governor wants to play politics with the lives of poor working Texans, a full 25% of working Texans do not even have health insurance. They are not going to be going to the doctor when they really  should be. They’ll wait until it’s an emergency and then go to the emergency room in the hospital, all the while spreading the disease.

Thankfully we have Obamacare to help those in the Democratic states. They will be going to the doctors rather than spreading the disease. The red states? All I can say is I hope they wake up before it’s too late.

5 Things wrong with Obamacare

We’ve already discussed the benefits of Obamacare. Now let’s talk about what’s wrong with it.

1. Not Single Payer. Obama started from a conservative plan offered by Nixon, Romneycare, and the Heritage Foundation. This keeps the insurance profits in the cost. We really need Single Payer.

2. Death Panels. Keeping the insurance companies means keeping the death panels.

3. Republicans. They are the real problem with Obamacare. If it was the same exact thing offered by Romney, they would love it. But since they love their party more than the voters, they don’t want to fix it for fear of giving Obama another victory.

4. Our kids can only stay on our plan for a few years. We should be able to keep our kids on our plan as long as we want.

5. We need more doctors. Supply and demand will lower medical costs if there is reasonable competition. Free clinics will also provide more price competition. Obamacare needs to offer FREE medical education to anyone capable of doing it.

See what others love and hate about Obamacare.

Republicans Block Unemployment Vote Again


The Republican party wants so badly for the poor to just die, that they are even preventing the unemployment bill from coming up for a simple vote.

If they weren’t blocking Democracy, the vote would likely pass and the poor and unemployed would be spared more hardship.

But, no, they don’t even want it to come up for a vote so they blocked even the hopes of voting on it. The Republicans filibustered the unemployment bill, again.

What kind of a person would obstruct Democracy just so more poor people would starve to death?

Only a Republican.

The Republican Party, Lost in the Dark

The Republican Party, Lost in the Dark
David Schlecht

The Republican voters are beginning to wake up and see exactly what party they have been voting for and the majority of these people are repulsed at what has become of the Republican party.

Just today, the Republican candidates were coached on how to act like they cared, how to act like they had empathy, how to pretend that they are anything but soulless sociopaths.  But how can you hide your sickness when you refuse to provide long term unemployment insurance for the poor and starving and freezing without demanding that you first get to take food out of the mouths of other starving children or giving more money to the rich? There’s just no hiding the true soul of the Republican party and their voters are finally beginning to see them for what they truly are.

The great majority of Americans believe we need to strengthen our safety net, increase unemployment and other benefits to the poor, increase the minimum wage, and start expecting the billionaires to pay their fair share, but the Republican party is opposed to all the things the majority of America wants. And you know what? The Republican voter is beginning to realize it.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of gullible or uneducated who will never abandon their corrupt party. But the majority of them are leaving.

That is one reason the Republican party is trying so hard to prevent people from legally voting.

Jesus said feed the hungry, clothe the naked (house the homeless), heal the sick. The Republican party says let them die. Take away unemployment benefits, take away housing assistance, repeal Obamacare.

Soulless sociopaths.


Holding America Hostage

Holding America Hostage
-Matthew K

I hope the Republican voters get a good look at their party. I hope this doesn’t all go unreported in the news.

The Republican party held the middle class tax cuts hostage and refused to allow their stimulus benefit unless the billionaires got their tax cuts. The past 30 years have taught us many things but it has taught, even the most ardent Republican voter, that tax cuts for the rich got us into this mess and more tax cuts are only making it worse. Still, the Republican party held our stimulus money hostage for tax breaks for the rich.

Now the Republican party is threatening to destroy America’s credit standing and possibly cause the next worldwide depression in order to take more away from the middle class and the poor to give to the rich. Their argument is that if they refuse to raise the debt limit and America defaults on our loans, that they can get the media to blame Obama.

Got that? They don’t care what harm comes to you or me or even to our country, as long as they can play politics and make Obama look bad. Of course, if they can send us all to the poor house in the process, that’s just a big plus.

Hey, you! Are you a Republican voter? Do you see what your party is doing? When will you do something about it? Don’t you care what they’re doing to your country? Don’t you care what they’re doing to the Republican name? Don’t you care about anything?

Why are they willing to gamble with our country to get their way? Why do they so badly want to end the booming years of the 40s through the 80s? Why won’t they just do what’s right for the country and raise the debt ceiling?

How is the Republican House doing so far?

So what has the Republican House of Representatives done since they were elected last November?

If you voted for them you should be paying close attention. After the election is when your real work begins. You have to pay attention to what your representatives do so you can have half a clue if you want to re-elect them come next election.

So, what have they done for America? There are endless polls out there saying what is most important for the average American. The first thing on every poll is the economy. So, what have the Republicans brought us to address the economy?

Nothing! Zip, Nada!

In fact, they did the one thing that would have a tremendous negative impact on our economy, reversing the health care reform that almost every American, including all the Republicans, has been trying to do for over a half a century. Fix the health care system. They want to repeal it even though by impartial non-partisan analysis, is to save our economy hundreds of billions of dollars.

They have even taken the word, Labor, out of the labor commission.

Okay, so they haven’t done anything for the A-number-one-most-important thing. So how about other important things?

Have they fixed the Free Trade disaster sending all our jobs over seas? No, I guess not.

The second most important thing to most all Americans is unemployment. What have they done for the unemployed? You guessed it. NOTHING!

How about corruption in government? Nothing! In fact, they’re making it harder to expose the Republican corruption.

The next most important thing to most all Americans is the broken health care system. Have they done anything, anything at all to fix it? No. They have absolutely no ideas or plans for anything.

Okay, so they haven’t done anything at all that the average American needs done. But what have they done?

Well, they have done two things. They spent hundreds of millions of our tax dollars playing politics with the Health Care Reform bill.

And, their second most wonderful accomplishment — they have spit in the faces of all American women by marginalizing the crime of rape. They have spent our tax dollars and wasted precious time redefining Rape while failing to address anything that matters.

I have to admit, if I was a Republican voter, I’d feel pretty darned stupid by now. Hey Republicans, is it time to wake up yet? Is it time to come to your senses? It’s too late to take back your party. Your party is toast. It represents no one but the crazies and the billionaires.

Bring Our Jobs Home

Bring Our Jobs Home
David Schlecht

There are numerous quotes stating that America lost over 40,000 factories during the Bush years. Doing a quick Google search for “factories closed” and “plants closed” is a ballpark confirmation of these quotes. Why is America losing all our jobs?

I’m pretty sure there’s little argument amongst Americans as to the cause. All our jobs are being shipped out of the country. That presidential candidate with the big ears, Ross Perot, was right. Free trade is destroying America. That “giant sucking sound” has come true. But, what caused this? How did free trade do this. We were told free trade is the best thing for America.

It’s simple. If it’s cheaper to build things in a third world country where there no laws to protect the workers and no laws to protect the environment, then there’s nothing to stop companies from moving out of the country. The best defense we had against this, since the founding of our country, has been tariffs. PROTECTIONISM! We used to protect our industries and our jobs.

The Democrats in Congress tried passing a bill that would discourage companies from doing this but, as in everything else good for America, the Republicans obstructed it; they wouldn’t even let it go up for a vote. Now, let’s be fair, here. This problem isn’t just Bush and it’s not just the Republicans. Clinton was the one who started this whole screw-the-workers program. But, the Republicans have done more than their share to increase the problem and obstruct any solution.

We all need to start putting bumper stickers on our cars saying “BRING OUR JOBS HOME NOW!” We need to start chanting that at every town hall meeting we go to. We need to start calling our representatives and telling them. We need to start writing letters to our newspapers saying it.

It’s the only way we can drown out the noise of all the money telling Congress to keep it up. More tax breaks for companies sending our jobs out of the country. More tax breaks for the rich. That’s what got us in this mess and Obama wants to continue it.

Obstructing America

Obstructing America
David Schlecht

Not to steal Captain Jack’s thunder but the very last act of the Republicans in Congress was to obstruct a small business jobs bill which would have put an estimated 400,000 people to work.

Why would you suppose anyone would have obstructed this?

It is undeniably obvious that their purpose is to stop the Democrats from doing anything positive and then run for reelection claiming the Democrats didn’t do anything.

They must really think the American voters are stupid not to see what they’re doing.

Some Times

Some Times
David Schlecht

Some times I get so frustrated with Republicans and Conservatives and Libertarians when they don’t put any effort into understanding more than one side of an issue.

How will we ever fix this country until we can come together and Obama and the Democrats have been trying relentlessly to work together and the Republicans have done nothing but try to derail any hope of recovery just for political gain.

The Republican Party has done such a good job of convincing their unthinking followers that anyone who disagrees with them is the enemy. No, I’m not calling all Republicans unthinking, I’m saying only the unthinking ones think everyone else is the enemy.

Honestly, if we can’t come together to fix this mess that both parties have bestowed on us, how will we ever get out of it? We need to agree on what has caused this mess in order to fix it and stop it from happening again. We Americans have come together and fixed it before the last time this happened. But coming together this time is more of an effort since half (arguably the majority) of America is now painted as the enemy.

I talk with many of my conservative friends and family and it’s like talking to someone in a foreign language at times. I honestly try to understand and find items of mutual agreement but all they seem to be looking for is an argument. It’s not about coming together.

How can we help heal this country while half of us are calling the other half names?

Dump Harry Reid?

Dump Harry Reid?
David Schlecht

Shall Nevada dump Harry Reid? If you are certain we should dump him but can’t quite put your finger on the reason why, watch out, you just might be getting caught up in the anti-Reid advertising. If you actually have some reasons, please post a comment with your reasons.

Anyone making a decision as important as selecting the representatives for our government will certainly want to evaluate the pros and cons of Reid’s accomplishments before making a decision for or against. So, here is my quick list of the pros and cons. Please feel free to add any of your own that might not be listed here.


  1. He’s the majority Senate leader, ensuring that Nevada has a voice in our government, and a big voice it is being the majority leader. Dumping Harry Reid will mean Nevada will not have another Senate majority leader for many decades.
  2. Cutting taxes for Nevada’s working families. Well, I’m not real sure if I want to put this as a pro or a con. American’s taxes are so low right now (the lowest they’ve been in over 50 years) that the country is going broke. Cutting taxes is one of the primary reasons we’re in the financial mess we’re in. Still, he has tried to get more money into the hands of the average American and that’s the only fix for this mess.
  3. Helping to keep Nevadans in their homes
  4. Creating jobs by investing in Nevada’s clean energy industry
  5. Killing the proposed Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump. For me, this is a big BIG deal!
  6. Passing landmark health insurance reform legislation to help cover more than 600,000 uninsured Nevadans. Remember a year ago? Two years ago? 10 years ago? America has been trying to pass comprehensive health care reform for many decades and only with Harry Reid has it been passed. Could it have been better? Absolutely! But, it’s a wonderful start.


  1. He allowed more tax breaks for the billionaires and multi-national corporations as part of the stimulus. That only makes things worse, Harry.
  2. The Republican party has been as obstructionist as ever before in this country’s history. They have tried to prevent anything good from coming through. Harry has been playing nice with them and letting them block legislation after legislation and appointment after appointment. Harry, stand up to the anti-American tactics from the Republicans and call them what they are. Force a filibuster if they threaten one.
  3. Health care reform could have been so much better if Harry had stood up to the obstructionists.
  4. Harry let the Republicans strip the Buy-American provision of the stimulus which required the stimulus money go to American businesses. Over half of the stimulus went to stimulate China’s economy and Harry let the Republicans do it.

The Lies:
Following are some of the lies that we’re beginning to see coming out of the Republican lie machine.

  1. The stimulus didn’t work. This is just so obvious a lie that even the Republicans don’t believe it. We were losing millions of jobs before we passed the stimulus and now we’re starting to get our jobs back and the unemployment rate is going down. It can’t be more obvious, even to the people trying to peddle this lie.
  2. The second lie is that Harry Reid is responsible for Nevada not getting more stimulus money. This lie is usually uttered in the same breath that lies that the stimulus didn’t work. However, Harry Reid has nothing to do with the stimulus money getting to Nevada. That is something that the governor does and if you remember, our governor, Gibbons, at first refused the stimulus money and later lost out because he fell asleep and failed to request any.

So, tell me, what are your thoughts?

Why Do Republicans Still Win Elections?

Why Do Republicans Still Win Elections?
David Schlecht

As Captain Jack states, only 27% of Americans identify with the Republican Party. It’s hard to believe that 27% of America is blocking our government from accomplishing anything reasonable. But, check out the results in the 2008 Pew poll.

But this only shows a small part of the whole picture. A more recent poll done by Rupert Murdoc’s Wall Street Journal and NBC shows that the numbers fell to only 20% by 2009.

Check out the more recent poll.

How can this possibly be? How can our government be brought to a standstill by only 20% of the people?

I’ll tell you how. The multinational corporations are funding the Republican party and their marketing works. People will vote for a Republican candidate because they believe the lying and deceitful campaign promises that are all dressed up to look so real.

Also, the 20% who are still hanging on to the failed Republican principles are led by their negative emotions, mostly fear, anger, and hatred. When you’re controlled by these emotions, the Republican Party can be sure you’ll be out there voting against your own best interests. The Republican Party had become experts at playing the negative emotions and the poor people who can’t control their emotions are used like lab rats.

That is why the Republican Party always plays the race card. It brings out negative emotions in their core voters.

Will the Republicans gain more seats in Congress this election year? If history is any indication, yes, the Democrats, not led by their negative emotions will stay home and not vote while the Republicans will be out in force.

We need to talk to everyone we know and make sure all Americans get out there and vote. That’s the only way to stop this frightened, hateful minority from controlling our country.

What’s in a Name

What’s in a Name
David Schlecht

I often hear the corporate (corrupt) media referring to the Democratic party as the Democrat party. This is just another of so many examples the defective media. The Republican party has been trying to re-brand the Democratic party like they’ve managed to cast a shadow on the term “liberal”.

Survey after survey shows that people say they don’t associate with the “liberal” agenda, but, when asked what policies they do agree with, they always predominantly choose policies that are liberal. The liberal media has done a great job, don’t you think? Does anyone really believe the “liberal media” lie? But, I digress.

The Democratic party hasn’t changed, except where some Blue Dog Democrats run as Republicans in Democratic clothing. The liberal/Democratic agenda has not changed. BUT!!!! The Republican party has. The term Republican and Conservative used to mean something a whole lot different than it does today. The party of big deficits, big wars, big government…

So, what should be the new name for the new Republican party?

Personally, my favorite is:
G.O.P. :Gridlock, Obstruction & Paralysis

Many people and the “liberal media” refuses to put proper light on the fact that the party has been nothing but the party of “NO”. America has never seen such gridlock in our government in the entire history of the union. The Republicans in office don’t care what happens to America, just so they get re-elected and they get their bribes from big business.

What are your favorite names for the New Republican Party?

Tea Bagger Education #3

Tea Bagger Education #3
Captain Jack

There’s no shortage of amusing stupidity in the lies told to the poor naive tea baggers. From today’s mail box, the honorable (convicted felon criminal) former mayor Roger Hedgecock spews lie after lie after just plain stupidity. Check out how low this man goes in deceiving the poor scared tea baggers. Why do you still listen to those you know are lying to you? Wake up tea baggers. There are real problems we ALL need to be addressing and we can’t while you’re distracted with these silly foolish lies.

Here goes — watch out, be scared, wet your pants, Obama wants to steal your retirement.

The idea to confiscate your retirement money came (no surprise) from academia.

Do you get that? Mr. felon criminal Roger Hedgecock warns you about how Obama wants to confiscate your retirement. Does anyone really believe this filth? Well, obviously a few here and there will be inclined to follow this garbage. It’s sad, but some people don’t have the critical thinking skills required to know up from down. But this is just sad to be taking advantage of the poor Americans that don’t know any better than to believe this nonsense.

Just think about that for a moment. An American president wants to confiscate your retirement? Really? And what’s next? Is he having an affair with an alien from outer space? It’s sad, but yes, some poor people don’t know any better than to believe this stuff. Shame on conservatives like Hedgecock for taking advantage of the less fortunate. Shame on them for taking advantage of our friends and neighbors.

Some people don’t remember much past last week, but about 30 years ago employers used to provide pensions for retirement benefits to their employees. A pension is like an insurance program. The longer you live the more you take out. The shorter you live the less you take out. In the long run, the same amount is taken out as is put in and everyone gets paid until the day they die.

The conservatives have brainwashed us all into thinking 401Ks are the way to go. Think for a moment about your 401K. If you are lucky enough to live a long healthy life, you’ll run out of retirement money and end up homeless or on Social Security or Welfare. Nice! Thank you Republicans for the 401K.

If, on the other hand, you die early, then you don’t get to use all the money you saved up. Thank you again, Republicans, for the 401K.

In other words, you lose either way. Who ever thought up such an awful retirement plan and who sold this lie to us? But, that’s another story.

So, Theresa Ghilarducci (repeat after me, OBAMA’S name is OBAMA, not Theresa), suggests many possible changes to the handling of 401Ks. For anyone alive today and who still has a brain cell, our 401Ks are worthless! The current Republican Depression has wiped them out. Theresa’s recommendations would prevent this from happening again and again. Shame on her for trying to come up with solutions. Let’s all hope the Republicans in Congress continue to obstruct everything that can possibly help us.

Yes, my dear tea baggers, Obama is after your worthless 401Ks and he plans to spend them on dinner and a night out with his favorite alien from Mars.

Oh, and by the way, Hedgecock’s bribery case and lying under oath was mysteriously tossed out by an appellate judge on a technicality. Do you really want to take the word of this man?

Misplaced Priorities

Misplaced Priorities
Captain Jack

So what gives? The Republicans had complete control of the country for almost 10 years and drove it into the ground. No point in sugar coating it. They ran it into the ground. They had 10 years to start to address health care but couldn’t have cared any less. Just think of it, TEN years and what did we get? The worst recession since the last Republican recession courtesy of Reagan’s failure to regulate the Savings and Loans.

Here we are, trying to bring America back from the brink and what are the Republican politicians doing to help? Anything? Anything at all? No, all they are doing is obstructing everything they can. They have shattered all records of the abuse of the filibuster. Their stated purpose is to break Obama. Obviously that means even if it breaks America.

Why would any political party neglect the country to the point that the Republicans have and then be hateful enough to continue to obstruct any effort to clean up their mess?

More important, why would anyone support such a political party? Such a defective party with misplaced priorities.

The New Republican Party

The New Republican Party
Dave Speck

Take a step back and look at where we are as a country, today. Torture! Just imagine that for a minute.

We have gone from being the country of the higher moral ground. We used to look down our noses at third world countries and torture centers like the old Soviet Empire, Somalia, or Pakistan because of torture. Now we not only endorse it from the top (George Bush) on down but endlessly condone it.

What has happened to our country and our morals? I’ll tell you what. Republicans. A better question to ask is, “What has Become of the Republican Party?”

It’s so hard to even imagine that an American political party would actively condone torture. The Republican Party is still excusing John Yoo for recommending that we crush the testicles of children in order to torture their parents. Is this still America?

America doesn’t support torture but they are listening to the Republicans tell us all the reasons why we should throw away our morals and just do it. It’s a Republican thing, nothing more. Listen to the Republicans and you would think that, like them, America was nothing but a bunch of ineffective third world thugs that can only get what they want by killing and destroying people.

But we don’t just stop there. The Republican Party is committed to opposing each and every thing that the Democratic Party pursues.

Again, let’s stop and think about that for a moment.

The Republican Party opposes everything that the MAJORITY of Americans want. Remember? America evicted the Republican lies two election cycles in a row and are probably going to abandon them in record numbers in the coming elections as well. And, it’s a good thing as far as I’m concerned. There is no room in American discourse for torture or obstructionism.

If a political party is so far out of step with America and so very stuck in lock step like the Nazi Brown Shirts that they will oppose everything the majority want, they are relegated to the dust bins of history. Good riddance, torturers. You’re not what America stands for!

More of the Same

More of the Same
David Schlecht

The Republicans in Congress marched in Nazi-like lock-step against any form of reform to get us out of the mess that their past 30 years of failed policies have caused.All they can do is keep chanting the same slogans that we Americans mistakenly fell for in the past, hoping that we’ll all be too stupid to realize it. You should be asking yourself why a political party would elect to continue failed policies that have us in the brink of the next Great Depression, in lock step, rather than considering trying something new.

There’s not a single Republican representative that doesn’t know that continued “feed the rich” policies will decimate the American economy and destroy the vast middle class. Since they know it will make the rich richer while destroying American middle class, they obviously want to destroy the middle class. This couldn’t be any plainer than what we see today.Yes, we’re on the brink of total melt down and they want more. They’re not worried about what it will do to our society. In fact, they hope it destroys the America we have grown to know and love in favor of a new America run by the Oil Industries, and the poisonous Peanut butter companies.

On top of that, they know that if we get through a jobs package that saves our economy they will be revealed for what they really are, bankrupt. However if they can obstruct any sort of economic relief by poisoning the bills with their failed tax cuts for the oil companies, then when they fail, the Republicans can say, see, Jobs Programs don’t work, and lets go back to destroying the middle class.

Again, we have to ask, what kind of political party would do such a thing? Only the Republican Party!

America Needs 60 Democratic Senators

America Needs 60 Democratic Senators
Dave Speck

The past 4 years of Republican minority in the Senate has lead to the most obstructionist Senate in our lifetimes. Their strategy was simple (what else would you expect from the GOP?). Obstruct as much as possible and then at the end, turn around and blame it all on the Democrats. Gosh, sounds like the typical Republican strategy for any year, doesn’t it?

However, with a Democratic president, this is their plan ten fold. The plan isn’t to help America, but to do whatever will help their party. This party of immoral thieves has got to shut their doors and the only way that will happen is if America kicks them out. They will always have enough money to come back because there are many wonderfully successful Americans who want it all and want you and me to have nothing, and they will pay big money to make it happen. Look at the greedy who continue to support the Republican party knowing it’s been the cause of EVERY thing going wrong with America today.

The party of fear, the party of hate, the party of division and derision, the party of intolerance, the party of immorality. Yes, it’s time for America to remove their sorry butts from the seats of power.

The rich won’t rule America any longer. We are all America. Vote the crooks out.

Continuing Award for the most Do Nothing Republican Senate

As I’ve written before, this Senate continues to shatter all records for obstructionism. No, not the Democrats in the Senate. They, for the most part, are making sacrifices to get things done. But, the Republicans… they’re trying their hardest to destroy America and make it look like it’s the Democrats fault. The most Do Nothing Senate Ever!

Now, in all reality, why would this Senate block more legislation in this fraction of a year than any other full-term Senate? Is it because they don’t want to pass legislation that isn’t 100% pork for their political financiers? Is it because the Republican Senate really doesn’t like any of the bills submitted? Is it that they really are good people and really want America to survive the current long string of disasters?

No, I didn’t really think you would think that, either. No, their entire purpose is to destroy America in any way they can, if it can make their primary enemies (American voters) suffer. Yes, they are playing politics when their country expects, nay, needs them to fulfill their sworn duties. They don’t care. Plain and simple, they don’t care about America. They only care about their corporate owners and future employers.

Interested in seeing exactly what the Republican Senators are so opposed to? It almost makes one sick to see how broken this Republican Party has become.

Will they survive the Bush Legacy?

I can’t see how. America knows what they’re doing, even if the corporate media has refused to report in it. Americans are waking up.

Observe the Poisons Sickening our Government

by David Schlecht

Many of you may not know, but there is an organized effort to interfere with our process of government and prevent our politicians from doing their jobs.

These evil, unethical, unpatriotic crooks have been hiding under the apron strings of failed beliefs and argue that their abuse of the government is what their people want.

It’s time for the crooks to give up their crooked and immoral ways and get down to the business they have been elected to perform, government, not obstruction.

It’s time for America to turn off our TVs and get serious about saving our government.

State of Decline

by David Schlecht

Historians will be looking back at our generation in amazement, not for our great technology or our great artwork or at our great humanitarian achievements, but at the decline of America’s self respect. This week has brought to the foreground the total blockade the Republicans have successfully imposed on the American political process.

This week, the Republicans have, against the will of the people, blocked legislation to restore Habeas Corpus. The vast majority of American want to see justice restored, but the Republicans successfully prevented it from coming up for a vote. Even the vast majority of our politicians “claim” to support restoring justice, yet a small minority, the Republicans, kept us in the Dark Ages.

America, do you realize that your government has gotten out of your control? You are being controlled by an unresponsive government? The framers of our constitution, our country’s forefathers, repeatedly expressed the need to be prepared to revolt if it ever comes to this. I don’t think we’re at the point of revolt, not yet, anyway. But we are at the point that we need to remove the politicians who are refusing to represent the voters.

Today! Every Republican who decided to obstruct justice, needs to be recalled. Every single one! If they’re not representing America, they’re taking over the country and it’s either remove them now, peacefully, or be prepared to use force to extract them later.

The liars have repeatedly pretended to support the troops and repeatedly accused anyone else of being soft on terror or unsupportive of the troops. This week, in keeping with their true beliefs, the Republicans have again filibustered to prevent America from supporting our troops by giving them sufficient rest between tours in Bush’s war. The Republicans in our government have lied so repeatedly and so dependably that America has lost all confidence in their ability to lead the country. Liars left to infect the political system are causing this country extreme harm. They can’t say they support the troops and then vote against them. Liars!

Republicans do not support the troops or America.

Yes, history will look back, your kids and grand kids will look back and wonder where you were when America needed you.

Impeach the liars.