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The Republican Party, Lost in the Dark

The Republican Party, Lost in the Dark
David Schlecht

The Republican voters are beginning to wake up and see exactly what party they have been voting for and the majority of these people are repulsed at what has become of the Republican party.

Just today, the Republican candidates were coached on how to act like they cared, how to act like they had empathy, how to pretend that they are anything but soulless sociopaths.  But how can you hide your sickness when you refuse to provide long term unemployment insurance for the poor and starving and freezing without demanding that you first get to take food out of the mouths of other starving children or giving more money to the rich? There’s just no hiding the true soul of the Republican party and their voters are finally beginning to see them for what they truly are.

The great majority of Americans believe we need to strengthen our safety net, increase unemployment and other benefits to the poor, increase the minimum wage, and start expecting the billionaires to pay their fair share, but the Republican party is opposed to all the things the majority of America wants. And you know what? The Republican voter is beginning to realize it.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of gullible or uneducated who will never abandon their corrupt party. But the majority of them are leaving.

That is one reason the Republican party is trying so hard to prevent people from legally voting.

Jesus said feed the hungry, clothe the naked (house the homeless), heal the sick. The Republican party says let them die. Take away unemployment benefits, take away housing assistance, repeal Obamacare.

Soulless sociopaths.


Voter Fraud, Election Fraud, and Election Rigging

Voter Fraud, Election Fraud, and Election Rigging
Dave Speck

We have almost a dozen states where the governors have passed stringent laws that will prevent millions of Americans from voting. They say the reason is to prevent voter fraud.

Let’s look at this reason and see if it’s the real reason they want to prevent valid American voters from voting.

There has been a rigorous program to try to expose the voters who are voting multiple times or voting when they don’t have permission. You hear the conservative talk radio hosts explaining how it’s a rampant disease and if it wasn’t for voter fraud, nobody would be voting Democratic.

But, there’s hardly ever been anyone convicted of this even though they are looking as hard as possible to find them. Sure, there a few cases here and there, such as conservative talking heads who are knowingly voting in the wrong precincts.

So to prevent a couple cases a year, the Republican governors want to prevent hundreds of thousands of voters from voting in each state.

I can understand why none of the Republican voters know anything about this since it’s never addressed honestly on the news. If you knew that we were throwing hundreds of thousands of voters off the voting rolls in order to prevent one or two so called voter frauds, wouldn’t you think something was crooked?

Well, it is!

The Republican governors are not trying to fix anything, they’re trying to break our right to vote. It’s a well known fact in the Republican party that Republican politicians are not voted in by the majority. “In fact, their party benefits when the voting populous goes down.”

Have you ever heard that phrase before? It’s a fundamental principle of the Republican party. That’s why they want to prevent the populous from voting.

It is called electioneering and election fraud and election rigging when this is done and the Republican party has been ordered to stop voter caging which is how they used to get away with this. Now they’re coming right out front and saying they won’t let the poor and elderly vote. Ah, no democracy for you!

It’s time Americans got out in the streets and started screaming and yelling about this blatant attempt to take our voting rights away.

Why does anyone still vote for such a corrupt and criminal political party?


The War Against American Voters

The War Against American Voters
David Schlecht

You don’t hear anything about this issue in the Liberal Media so it must be another example of the Liberals trying to take away voting rights from Americans. Right? Wouldn’t you think that’s what it must be?

Well, no. I guess it’s not such a Liberal Media after all. In fact, the news you don’t hear anything about is the news about the tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of liberals who are being denied their right to vote by the Republicans.

Have you heard anything in your news about how the 20 Republican state governors are almost unanimously trying to restrict voting by poor and middle class people? How? By demanding a poll tax, by demanding licenses or other means of identification. These requirements are unreasonable for millions of Americans who don’t drive.

You don’t hear anything in the Liberal Media about how the average wait time for voting in wealthy precincts is 15 minutes but the wait time in poor neighborhoods is over an hour. This is obvious voter suppression and the Republican party has been admonished for doing this before but they just keep on doing it.

Now, I want you to ask yourself, whether you are a Republican or Democrat, should we be allowing parties to do this stuff?

The most common excuse you’ll hear is, “Oh my gosh, the Democrats are doing it too. Have you heard about the millions of voter fraud where Democrats got elected illegally? Well, this is just making up for all that.”

Well, actually, yes, I’ve heard that lie many times from the likes of O’Liely, or Beck, or Hannity. But every time people try to actually find examples of these voter frauds, there’s never one to be found. In fact, the number of cases of voter fraud is typically less than 10 per DECADE and are often just cases of people voting in the wrong precincts, not people voting twice.

So, why don’t we disqualify political parties that try to prevent millions of people from voting? Republicans can tell you why. Because, well, um, ahh, oh, hey. look over there, something shiny.

Why doesn’t the news tell us about this?

But, you and I know that we can tell this news to Republicans and they won’t believe it and will refuse to even investigate it. That’s probably because they already know it’s true but just don’t want to quit cheering for their corrupt team, even as America suffers.

Why does anyone still vote Republican? Why haven’t the Republican voters started recalling their criminals from office?

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Get Out and Vote

Get Out and Vote
David Schlecht

In order for Democracy to work, we have to all get out there and vote. There’s no time to sit around whining about how busy we are or how much we hate the selection of candidates or how [insert your favorite excuse here].

Our Democracy needs you, all of you.

Unlike the Republican party which puts serious effort into suppressing votes, Democracy needs all of us out there voting.

Do it TODAY! And tell all your friends to get out and vote.