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Yankee Chumps Donate $100 Billion a Year to Iraq

by Dave Speck
October 10, 2003

Yankee Chumps Donate $100 Billion a Year to Iraq.

Let's see how those figures play out - 50 million population in Iraq means every man woman and child in Iraq gets $2000 - almost a year's wages! Boy, if we're hiring every man woman and child in Iraq, they'll have the country restored in a month. Chalk up Bush's first success. Way to go, Bush . . .

Oh, wait, you say. We aren't hiring the Iraqis? We're paying Halliburton to restore Iraq? Oh, that explains everything. Never mind what I said about chalking something up to Bush. I'll keep waiting.

There's plenty of print about the Cheney - Halliburton conflict-of-interest so we won't go into it, here. However, the American voters need to be informed where their tax dollars are going. I never agreed to give that kind of money to a cost-plus contract. Every time someone blows up an Iraqi pipeline, Halliburton gets paid more money. Let's face it, the American public HAS "chump" stamped on their foreheads - or so it would seem from this.

What says volumes is the silence from the American Congress. Just three years ago they had nothing better to do than to probe into the president's personal life, spending hundreds of millions of tax dollars, just to finally uncover a love affair. However, today, they are deafeningly silent. Why is the Republican Party so silent on this issue? Is it because they don't care what's best for America? Is this something best kept secret?

Go to your favorite search engine and type in "cheney halliburton" and you will be amazed at the amount of questionable and illegal activity that Congress is silently ignoring - hoping that you won't notice.

Come on, now, be a good chump. Just keep quiet. And, remember, vote Republican!

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