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Reno 4-Year Peace Vigil

By David Schlecht

March 19, 2007

Reno's 4-Year Peace Vigil


David Schlecht

Today's four year anniversary of the Iraq US war was marked by good sized crowds that gathered in towns, large and small, all across America and across the world.

Reno's vigil was attended by many who put their money where their morals are. No shiny little yellow ribbon on these SUVs. No sir We're doing everything we can to bring some reason back into our government, and sending our kids off to kill while sporting a little yellow ribbon on the ol' gas guzzler just isn't the way to reason.

The events started a bit before 600 PM this Monday and there were around 75 in attendance, at a rough guess. There were hundreds of us if you count those honking from their cars.

There were also some people from the corporate bought-and-paid press, taking videos and pictures. It was good to see the MSM showing a little interest, after all these years.

The vigil was well organized with participants from many local and national organizations such as MoveOn. Some came with signs, some came with their guitars and song, some came with speeches, some came with signs, some came holding hands, some came with their crutches and wheelchairs and we all came with a purpose

Let's end this nonsense. Let's stop the senseless killing of our kids and the kids of Iraq.

There was hardly a single person who wasn't holding back tears at least once.

My thanks to everyone who participated in this wonderful, worthwhile event.

You can view some pictures from the event at Just-Say-Why.com

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