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Bush's War Accomplishments

By Dave Speck

December 26, 2004

Bush's Remarkable War Record

Since Bush declared war on terror, over three years ago, he has chalked up many accomplishments to his name. Accomplishments take many forms, and the general form of most of his accomplishments fall into the following categories

  • Stronger Military
  • Continuing attacks against the Enemy
  • The Capture of all Major Leaders
  • Dwindling Enemy Ranks
  • Better National Defense
  • Protection of the innocent
  • Addressing the Root Causes of Hatred of America

Let's investigate these categories with some examples.

Stronger Military --

Although there has been considerable outcry from the military on the battlefield because of the lack of necessary armor, and many soldiers have been crippled and mutilated for life, it hasn't gotten to the point where our enlisted men and women refuse to deploy in their unprotected vehicles. Well, to be honest, there have been a few cases, but there are still plenty with arms and legs left who are willing to try the odds of surviving roadside bombs without the necessary armor.

Any problem with the armor can be traced to the Clinton administration. Common sense will tell us that three years is not enough time to recover from the Clinton panty-scandal and we're just lucky that we even have vehicles available for our soldiers, even without armor. If Clinton had only spent more time preparing for the Bush years and less time hiding from his illicit love affairs.

When Bush took office in 2000, our military was prepared to fight and win three concurrent wars. We now barely have enough soldiers with arms and legs to fight one, and military experts are beginning to doubt that we have what we need to win even this one.

At least we can be comforted by the knowledge that, as it is in all wars, America's sense of patriotism has brought an endless supply of new recruits to the armed forces. It's just a shame that not enough of them still have their arms and legs so our numbers are starting to dwindle.

America has the best military on the face of the Earth. Pride in our military comes easy. If we could just fix a few problems with its management, things would improve dramatically.

Continuing Attacks Against the Enemy --

Our military has been relentlessly fighting the enemy. Soon there will be nowhere left in Iraq to hide from the US. It seems there are still plenty of places to hide in Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia, but those aren't really where the US is, anymore. Besides, just because the 9/11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia, and we believe they were sponsored by Al Queda, that doesn't mean we have to really address those players. It's Iraq where we have to fight this war.

Our military has done a remarkable job of cleansing town after town of the Iraq defense and civilians. Unfortunately, they just keep coming back -- and in larger and larger numbers. But, we will continue to attack the enemy just in case they come to Iraq.

The Capture of all Major Leaders --

Of all the wonderful things Bush has done for Iraq, I believe this is the most important issue.

We caught Saddam Hussein!

There isn't an American around that hasn't been told by now that it was really Saddam who was responsible for the two planes that flew into the Trade Center buildings and we caught him.

Saudi Arabia is more anti-American than they have ever been but we must realize that Bush's hands are tied when it comes to addressing the problems there. With the billions of dollars that Bush and his family are making from joint ventures with Saudis, there isn't much Bush can do without risking problems with his business partners. Any red-blooded American would understand that it's the president's responsibility to keep his business partners happy, even at the expense of resolving the hatred issues. A strong president is a strong business leader.

Bin Laden hasn't been captured, yet, but, as the president tells us, the war on terror is larger than just one man. Of course, the Bush family was also in business with the Bin Laden family and it would certainly sour those business relationships if Osama was captured, or worse yet, injured. Maybe we haven't addressed the issues in the country where the hijackers came from, and haven't addressed the primary sponsor of the attacks, but we have Saddam.

Dwindling Enemy Ranks --

Afghanistan has a new pro-American president and the anti-American Taliban have dissolved into the woodwork. We have captured many hundreds of the Taliban and other anti-American fighters.

We have also killed many thousands of Iraqis and their military.

Unfortunately, though, American hatred is spreading like wildfire in the middle east and in many other once pro-America places around the world. This makes it harder for our war machine to finish their job.

But, Bush will continue to kill, until we've killed them all.

Better National Defense --

With Bush's pro-religion and anti-science approach, American colleges are no longer considered places foreigners want to send their kids. They can get their pro-religion education in Iran or any of the other many backward nations.

With the reduction in student visas, there are fewer terrorists sneaking into America. Perhaps if the trend continues, we will be able to spot terrorists as being the only ones applying for student visas.

Protection of the innocent --

It was a very sad day when the religious extremists murdered thousands of innocent civilians in the World Trade Center. Since then, many hundreds of thousands of innocent Afghans and Iraqis have been chalked up as collateral damage.

I can understand why the rest of the world views America as the terrorist in this case. Imagine if we had killed 3,000 civilians in a foreign country and they retaliated by killing a few hundred military and hundreds of thousands of our civilians. We would probably think they are some sort of monsters. They would be some sort of monsters.

However, that's exactly what we are doing. As large as this number may seem, our precision military has saved many more lives. When our smart bombs take out a residential neighborhood, we get the bad guys and no more good guys than absolutely necessary.

Addressing the Root Causes of Hatred of America --

By swelling the ranks of those who hate us, we are making this an unwinable war. The French hostages who were recently released by the insurgents reported that they were told that the insurgents wanted Bush to win reelection. Here's a quote

"We want Bush because with him the American troops will stay in Iraq and that way we will be able to develop."

Islamic countries know what it's like to have a domineering strict father figure and to have the country ruled by such unyielding self-righteous leaders. They aren't impressed with America for getting a leader with the same shortcomings. They know how to play that game as it's been their curse since the days of Mohammad. That's what make them so hateful.

Do we have to join them to beat them?

We have done a great job making some Saudis happier with America. It is not a coincidence that America is paying the most for Saudi oil in our history. Someone in Saudi Arabia is happy with us. Saudi and their American business partners are making a record killing in the oil business.

Unfortunately, this is not making the rest of Saudi Arabia rich, or happy with us.

And our Islamic-like religious fervor is not impressing anyone but ourselves.

# # #

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