Just Say, 'Why?'


Abramoff. I Don't Know Him

By David Schlecht

January 28, 2006

Abramoff? I Don't Know Him

The poor harassed Bush administration is doing a good job of warding off the snooping American voters by claiming not to know the Abramoff Republican bribe corporation. Even with radical Left Wing nutcases having pictures of them together, the administration is doing a remarkable job of denying any relationship. Those pin-head liberals, always with the "logic" and "facts". When will they learn these things mean nothing in these times?

Of course, it's a big lie that Abramoff was part of the Bush transition team and had a fundamental role in corrupting the Internal Affairs which is responsible for the country's dealings with the Indian nations. Never mind all those pictures. Without actual documents showing Abramoff's involvement in the corruption of the administration, Bush is safe. I don't think Bush would be stupid enough to let those documents out, so it must be a lie.

Now, how do we convince our Right Wing flock to follow us around this landmine, considering all the photos of the two of them together? Let's see now - Oh, I know. If our followers can eat up our Bin Laden propaganda without vomiting, we can just say, "Oh, I don't really give him much thought anymore." Yes, that'll do it.

Then, again, I can't help but wonder how long the flock will continue to follow us with each new fiasco coming out of the administration being more criminal than the one before. But this one - I think we have this one in the bag.

Now, if we can just Photoshop Bin Laden's face over Abramoff's in the photos, we can use the war mentality to say, "Oh, I just don't give him much thought, anymore."

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