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Just Say, 'Why?'


Just Get Over It

By Dave Speck

January 31, 2005

It's time to take a look into the old mail bag and post some feedback. The topic that most amazes and amuses me is the one that goes like this "We won, you lost, so get over it." Yes, indeed, you won and America lost, but how does one get over "it"? One post even pointed out, and correctly so, that "liberals lost and continue to add to their losses everyday... what a bunch of losers."

Let me start with the "bunch of losers" comment. I agree, the Democratic party has taken quite a string of loses and is struggling with how do deal with it. Unfortunately, many Democratic politicians, are under the impression that the liberals are losing because America is becoming more conservative.

Following that faulty reasoning, many Democratic politicians are becoming what is referred to as "Republican lite". This is where the error lies. The Democratic party has been unable to keep up with the gains the the conservatives have enjoyed, because many people don't see the old Democratic party they expect to find. If you're going to vote for a party that walks and talks like the Republicans, why not just vote for the Republicans?

What the Democratic party needs to do is stand up for what it believes in. This has been what America has wanted for the vast majority of our history. Why leave such a vacuum? Maybe that's why the 3rd party candidates are doing as well as they are -- yes, there's something missing in the Democratic party.

The Democratic politicians need to stop pretending to be Republicans and stop saying "God Bless America" at every opportunity. Instead they should launch frontal attacks on the weak politicians that use these tricks to try to snare the confused. The Democrats need to stand up for who they are and let the chips fall where they may.

Now, let's investigate the rest of the message, "Get over it." I heard the reply, "It's hard to get over democracy," but that doesn't mean anything to the conservatives. Their eyes glaze over like they're at church and the message means nothing. "Why do you have to get over democracy? It's still a democracy, just driven more by our religion." Yes, indeed, run much more like the other nations that are falling apart because they are run by their religion.

Let's take a quick inventory of what America has to "get over" since this last election.

1.Many fundamental principles upon which this great country were founded, such as

A. Separation of Church and State,

B. Transparency in Government,

C. Honesty in Government,

D. Governmental Checks and Balances,

E. Equal representation (one vote each),

2.Many hard-won social rights earned over the past 200 years,

3.A belief that the right place to teach science is in school and the right place to teach religion is in the church. Now that we are mixing up this separation, we are coming closer to an Islamic state than many people are willing to believe.

4.Corporations accepting responsibility for their mistakes, including environmental, and personal.


There are many more issues that I'm sure my readers have already considered. Okay, now -- how does one "get over" this? And, more importantly, do we really think just getting over it is the correct thing to do?

So, next time you hear some fool say, "get over it," try to understand the extent of the sacrifices he's expecting you and the country to make on his behalf.

One final note -- if America is expected to just "get over it" since the other side won, doesn't that make you wonder exactly who the other side was voting for -- obviously not for the benefit of our country. Maybe for the benefit of their own special interests, such as NRA vs America, Religion vs America, Corporate influence vs America, Biased and corrupt media vs America...

It's time to make sure every person you know is involved in taking America back from the special interests. Don't let America just "get over it."

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