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Just Say, 'Why?'


It's All Clinton's Fault

by Dave Speck
July 11, 2003

From the very beginning of George W. Bush's appointment as President, he has refused to own up to his mistakes, constantly blaming everyone around him.

Every parent knows that it is an unacceptable trait when their children won't take responsibility for their actions. How can a person grow and mature and improve if they refuse to admit that they did something wrong?

Now that Bush is gearing up for re-election, he is cranking up his "Blame Everyone Else" campaign.

How embarrassing for America.

Just a few years ago the Republican House voted to impeach Clinton for trying to hide a failed love affair. Was Clinton wrong for having an affair? Of course. Was he wrong for trying to hide it? Of course not. It's nobody's business. Was the House wrong for making such a major issue out of this, shaming themselves, America, and America's president? Absolutely. But, that's all history.

Let's see -- according to Bush, 1) It's Clinton's fault that the terrorists murdered 3,000 Americans in the World Trade Center AFTER Bush was in office for almost a year, 2) It's Clinton's fault that lack of corporate accountability has caused the demise of numerous companies and has cost Americans billions of dollars AFTER Bush was in office over a year, 3) It's Clinton's fault that the Republican mismanagement of America's finances has caused one of the worst depressions in almost a century AFTER Bush has been in office almost three years. And, now, in today's news, 4) Bush blames the CIA for approving his presidential lies about Saddam's weapons and the extent of the threat, or lack thereof. It's everyone else's fault.

I'm not saying Bush is responsible for all these things. I'm sure he's right. It's all Clinton's fault.

Let's look at these issues individually.

  1. 9-11 - Bush made numerous comments to the press regarding how Clinton sent a multi-million dollar cruse missile to blow up a tent when trying to stop Bin Laden. Clinton has gotten closer to hitting Bin Laden than Bush has to date. Fact is, where is Bin Laden, now? Bush says, "I'm not going to send a missile to go hit a camel in the butt." [Sounds like the kind of man I want running this country, oh yes.]. Bush, on the other hand, did nothing about Bin Laden until after he had successfully murdered many thousands of American civilians. Yes, indeed, Clinton's fault.
    So much for spending millions of dollars to go blow up a tent. Bush has spent many tens of billions chasing Bin Laden with nothing to show for it! Al Qaeda is as much a threat today as it was before 9-11. Bush didn't spend millions to blow up a tent, he spent billions and blew up lots of tents and we are no safer, today. The Taliban has been removed, but they were never a threat to us, al Qaeda was, and still is.
  2. Corporate Accountability - Bush has managed numerous failed corporations, but that's probably Clinton's fault, too. Bush has driven hard these past three years to remove all reasonable restrictions and accountability on corporate America. The ONLY good thing Bush has done is a single high-profile "accountability requirement", demanded by the voters, and not something he had a choice in.
    The score is: numerous reductions in corporate accountability decided willingly, and a single increase in accountability forced by the voters. Must make his papa proud.
  3. Failed Economic Agenda - Against the recommendations of the best economists in America, Bush forced through his tax cuts while reducing money invested in the states. This causes the states financial hardship for which they must raise their taxes. This is quite the magic trick, give the mark a quarter while slipping a dollar from his pocket. Smoke and mirrors. What's not to trust? I am not paying lower taxes no matter what Bush keeps telling me. Some say the economy was starting to turn around even before Bush took office. That's right, it started to turn sour as soon as he was declared the non-president.
    Regan's "Trickle Down Theory" was a major fiasco which put America in the hole for many years. His foolish idea was that you give to the rich and they will spend it all and it will fuel the economy. Sounds like Bush's ideas as well, give more money to the rich and take away overtime pay from the poor. The economy is in the toilet because America knows who is at the helm, and the economy has been going down the drain since the 2000 election fiasco. It may be Clinton's fault, but only because he is no longer president. Eight years of Clinton and we had the strongest economy in history. Three years of Bush and lookie. If Clinton was doing something wrong, it couldn't have succeeded for eight years just to crash on his last day. Is anyone really foolish enough to believe such lies?
  4. Exaggerating Saddam's Threat - Yes, this was Clinton's fault, as well, oh wait, I mean the CIA's fault. The CIA must have held a gun to Bush's head and made him lie. I just don't know what more to say about this without sounding trivial. Nobody reading this is going to blame the con artist that coned the country out from under Bush's nose while believing that Bush did the right thing. Either Bush doesn't know how to run a country and get the right answers from our trillion-dollar intelligence agencies or he got the right answer and didn't like it. Either way, it's Clinton's fault.

So, where does this leave us? Either everything Bush does wrong is someone else's fault or Bush hasn't matured enough to own up to, and learn from his mistakes. Either way, he doesn't seem to be the right man for the job.

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