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Just Say, 'Why?'


Bush Betrays America

By Dave Speck

December 26, 2004

In his second debate with Al Gore, Bush stated that global warming ''needs to be taken very seriously'' and promised that under his leadership he would tackle the problem by strictly regulating CO2. Of course, as soon as he could, Bush withdrew America from the Kyoto treaty, knowing that he wasn't representing the wishes of America. He has done basically nothing to address these problems that he promised to fix.

This is not an isolated example but another glaring betrayal and the Mode of Operation of the Bush administration. I won't say he lied. That word has been used so much that it doesn't seem to matter to America any more. We all know he lies and he's killing America. Maybe we're making way for our new expectations for our elected officials. ''If you're not strong enough to lie to us, we don't want you as our president.'' Well, all I can say to that is, WAKE UP, AMERICA

Knowing the Bush lie record, it would take a tremendous leap of faith to actually believe that he didn't lie to America about things that matter more than our health and the health of our children ... America's invasion of Iraq. Did he really not know or was he lying about Saddam? Did he really not know or was he lying about Al Queda? Did he really not know or was he lying about letting Osama slip away? Eventually, it doesn't matter any more. Did he lie or not? Who cares? He is betraying America

What matters is that he has betrayed and abandoned the American people to advance the finances of his friends and business partners, at the expense of America's security, solvency, and health. The Bush administration has single-handedly caused more harm to this country than any military attack could ever do. And, all the time, lying to us that it's really a ''tax relief'' or ''clear skies'' or the ''Patriot Act''.

Maybe you don't want to believe that our president is playing us like the harp from Hell, but you can't possibly believe that he hasn't betrayed us.

It's time to wake up, America, and start doing your homework. Many of our media networks are now owned by the Republican party or through a thin veil of indirection. You don't get fair and balanced media from corporations. You get Republican biases. Don't believe the news without checking it out. And, if you find your news channel distorting your news, don't hesitate to find a better alternative. Find your news on the Internet.

America is on the slippery slope to failure. What makes the middle east so hateful? It's the destitution and extreme class separation. And, America is moving in that direction faster than most of us realize. More tax for the poor, fewer benefits for the poor, tax breaks for the ultra-wealthy, unaffordable health care for the poor, the theft of the poor's Social Security benefits ... yes, the poor who are the backbone of the wealthy corporations, the poor ... the ranks who keep growing every day Bush is in office. All this time, Bush is making the stinkingly rich, more wealthy. Yes, my friends, America is becoming more backward every day, and we can thank Bush for it, personally.

What will America do when the poor can no longer survive while the rich keep getting richer? The word, is revolution. I would hate to see things get that bad in our wonderful country, but it's getting dangerously more likely with each passing Bush agenda.

If you love America, do something about it, today. Question your news media, question your president, and don't ever allow a liar to betray America.

Bush, get straight with us or get out

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