Just Say, 'Why?'


America Under Siege

By Dave Speck

February 14, 2007

America Under Siege

Many of you might not know this but America is under siege by religious fundamentalists hell bent on converting your country into a theocracy where women are a disgrace to mankind and are forced to hide themselves for fear of being beaten or raped and blamed for it because of their original sin. These sick bastards want our government run by child-raping highly moral religious leaders. They want our schools and art to stop, just stop.

In this short span of time, you've probably realized that I could be talking about any religious sickness, not just anti-American religions. Yes, these sick bastards who would like to destroy the American way of life could be anywhere. They could be your neighbors and they could be Christians. At least the foreign invaders are moral enough to be obvious and sincere about what they're doing. But your Christian Fundamentalist neighbors are being much more sneaky and deceitful.

Look around you. Twenty years ago American voters were turned off by a president who was overtly religious. They knew that religious over-indulgence made for the worst and most immoral monsters. In the past twenty years, these invaders have infected every level of our government -- and so has corruption.

Today they're sneaking into every teaching job in America and even though they have to teach science, they teach it as a scourge with their religion being the only real science. Look at our school systems, not just the sick fundamentalists destroying Kansas' schools, but all over America.

They're even trying to invade our scientific institutions. There are sick religiously fanatical Christians groups all around America trying to convert America into another Afghanistan or Iran, only with their own flag, not the American flag and not the Iranian flag.

This may sound too strange to be true. After all, most of us Americans are Christians and it's almost impossible to imagine how our church could be trying to do us harm.

Maybe it's not our church. Maybe it's just the real radical church down the street. It doesn't really matter. There are hundreds of thousands of their soldiers infecting every facet of American life and they're not revealing their sick intentions because they know that if America found out just how bad it's gotten and just how bad these fanatics want it to be, America would kick them out of our schools and government and lives.

Wake up America. The enemy isn't always from foreign lands.

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