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Paying Back Your Debt to America

By G. Lynch

May 29, 2006

Paying Back Your Debt to America

I was looking at the latest polls and was glad to see that America is finally waking up and realizing the vicious damage that this administration, no, this Republican government has done to our country. The latest numbers are 31% still support Bush, 53% are horrified at what damage he has caused America, and some 10+% just couldn't care less what happens to their country.

Of that 31% I don't believe there is a single sane, morale voter amongst them. These are the people that are happy raping and plundering our country for their self interests, or more accurately, they are probably mental retards that really shouldn't be behind the curtain of a voting booth, let alone a motor vehicle, "Oh, I'm voting for all the aborted children," or "I'm voting to kill all those sick gay bastards that smile at me, oh that just makes me so upset, oh, my, excuse me for a moment."

Okay, enough making fun of those who hate America.

Let's turn our attention to those 20 some percent who voted for Bush and have since come to their senses. Many millions of Americans were bamboozleed by the Republican lie machine, Swift Boating honest, patriotic veterans and politicians. Whatever your reason for not seeing through the lies, America is glad you've finally seen the man behind the curtain.

But, it isn't enough to just go to the polls and vote out the criminal traitorous Republicans who have aided and abetted the criminal Bush administration. There is a good possibility that there will be no elections this November. All Bush needs is "another Perl Harbor" and he can declare martial law, torch the Reichstag building, and declare himself Furer. We are very close to seeing elections cancelled in this country. Bush and Co. know that if the Democrats get control of the Congress, they will all face justice for their criminal behavior. Surely they plan to do whatever it takes to make sure that never happens.

No, waiting till next election is not enough. If you wronged America by voting these tyrants into office, it is your responsibility to organize a recall of every Republican representative who has abandoned America while Bush bulldozed our freedoms, the Constitution, and our rights. Get those traitors out of office, recall them today, and get checks and balances back in place before King George declares America's freedoms, oh, so 1780s.

Get out there, today, and organize to restore checks and balances to our country. Keep it strong, and repay your debt to your children, your neighbors, and to your country.

I can hear a lot of you lazy bums out there saying, oh, it'll never come to that. Bush will never declare himself king. But you know that it is possible - more possible than any other time in America's history. Will you be able to live with yourself if he does grab power and you just sat there waiting till November? I doubt it.

Get active, recall the traitors, restore oversight in our government.

One last note. Try this, go to Google and type in "asshole" and click on "I Feel Lucky". This one is better than "Miserable Failure".

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