Just Say, 'Why?'


Letters From Ensign

By David Schlecht

Setember 28, 2006

Love Letters
to Nevada
from John Ensign

I write this article with a heavy heart. I'm sure that if you're interested enough to read about your representatives, you already know what the current Republican Administration and Congress has done to your country, today. The landmark bill to destroy the fundamental pillars of the American constitution has been passed, hidden within the president's torture bill.

Funny thing, though, I was just looking over a reply I got from Ensign requesting him to do his job and perform oversight on the questionably criminal activities of the Bush Administration with regard to torture and spying on American citizens. His reply:

Many in the political arena have passed judgment on the President's actions. There have been complaints that this eavesdropping oversteps his legal authority and violates civil liberties. The President, on the other hand, relies on his broad constitutional powers to protect Americans in a time of war. Throughout the duration of this particular program, the President has kept appropriate congressional leaders advised of its implementation and success in foiling deadly plots planned within our borders.

This could have been cut and pasted from the White House talking points and is blatantly false. Now, from my perspective, this makes Ensign a miserable liar or marginally mentally retarded. Maybe both. You might want to read over that again. "the president has kept appropriate leaders advised." Say what? Doesn't this man, who pretends to represent Nevada, ever go to work? His fellow representatives have complained repeatedly that Bush offers no information to allow Congress to oversee what he is doing.

96%! That's how much Ensign has aided and abetted this administrations criminal behavior. Even with Nevadans pleading with him to get in there and do his job and perform checks and balances, all he can do is spew his lies and repeat the White House talking points.

When asking Ensign to do something about the unAmerican torture that is being done in America's name in Guantanamo and around the world in Bush's secret torture gulags, Ensign said:

I believe that it is important to adhere to the rigid procedure, which have been put in place to ensure that enemy combatants receive humane treatment consistent with the principles of the Geneva Conventions

Really? Have you never picked up a newspaper or listened to the intelligence reports? Are you sending me these lies because you don't know any better? Don't you ever go to work? 96% of the time you support the criminal behavior of this administration and you have the vile ignorance to say this to me? You should be ashamed! Believe me, Nevada is ashamed of you.

Ensign, what have you done to our country? We will all be explaining to our grandchildren how we were too complacent to do anything while you and your disgusting friends tried to destroy America, but you, Mr. Ensign, will be explaining to your grandchildren why you were involved in this.

Nevada is ashamed of you!

# # #

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