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Legalize Drugs and you Pull the Teeth of Terrorism

By Dave Speck

December 19, 2003

I read in today's news yet another story about how our absolutely stupid drug laws are making the world a worse and more dangerous place for everyone. This is a policy that urgently needs fixing.

These kinds of stories are in the news constantly, showing us how our current foolishness is making rich the villains of the earth - everywhere from Asia, to the Middle East, to South and North America. Why don't our governments realize that their ineffective drug policies are hurting and not helping? How many years will it take for them to finally see the light? Making drugs illegal doesn't work in a free world. The ONLY way these kinds of laws will ever work is when freedom is gone from a country.

And this day may be sooner than many expect for the USA.

In order to decide if a policy should be continued, a government must test the results. Let's see, now, testing the results of strict drug laws in America These laws have made their prison populations mushroom and forced hardened prisoners out into the streets to make room for more and more non-violent drug users. Many billions of dollars are spent each year to incarcerate drug users. The only reduction in drug use is the number of those imprisoned. The laws have done basically nothing otherwise, to stem the use of drugs. Our current laws are a disgusting failure and the world's governments are doing us all a disservice by continuing them ... by ramming them down our throats.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a drug user, but rather someone who can differentiate between success and failure.

America has the highest incarceration rate in the free world - toped by few but Iraq's former leader. And, it's not a coincidence that they also have the strictest drug laws. It's also not surprising that the USA is one of the highest drug users of the world. Is it just a coincidence that their laws appear not to work, or is the government too blind or insensitive to address the failure?

Societies pay huge sums to try (and fail) to enforce drug use policies and it doesn't fix the problem. Making the drugs illegal forces the profits into the hands of villains. What's not to understand about this failure? Stop the nonsense, little Bush, and open your eyes and fix the laws in the USA. If America opens their eyes, the rest of the world just may follow suit. Or better yet, since Europe is trying so hard to participate in the direction of the world events, why doesn't the EU take the lead. Maybe Baby Bush will follow suit.

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