Just Say, 'Why?'


Proud to Sport a Bush Bumpersticker

By Dave Speck

February 28, 2005

Still Seeing Bush Stickers on Fools' Cars

I'm still seeing Bush/Cheney '04 stickers on lots of trucks and SUVs. How very embarrassing to see. After the first four years of of Bush's administration, America suffered more loss than from any president in our past Of course, Bush says it's always someone else's fault. I didn't let the terrorists in. I wasn't negligent. I was working hard on stopping terrorism during my many vacations. Why else have I taken more vacations than any other president? I didn't let them in, it was his fault over there.

Was Bush responsible for the WTC attacks? Did he really hush all the experts left over from the Clinton years who where trying to warn him? Or, maybe it was really the fault of the CIA for not beating him over the head to get his attention. Obviously a presidential brief isn't enough.

The economy sucks The Bush team of spin masters say it's only about 6% unemployment. Only a fool would believe such stupidity. Probably the same morons who still aren't ashamed to be seen with Bush bumper stickers. Some people take longer than others to get a grip. Yes, the world is flat, again.

Of course, Bush is busy saying that it's Clinton's fault that the economy isn't as great as it was before he took office. Say what?

America has been suffering under unprecedented moral attacks and attacks on our personal rights. All this time, the responsibilities of the big businesses to clean up their own messes and keep their sewage and poisons out of our air and rivers is a distant past. Yes, some people are still proud to be sporting a Bush sticker, but the club obviously has a hazing ritual where lobotomies are required.

Yes, proud, indeed.

Four years of police state (unwarranted arrests and imprisonment), media brainwashing (yes, the vast majority of all media stations are owned and run by neo-conservatives), worst economy since the depression, frontal attacks on our civil liberties and our citizens, absolute negligence on behalf of our industries to show some moral backbone. Yes, these people have lots of reasons to be proud to still be sporting a Bush bumpersticker. It's probably the only way they don't get a free vacation in Guantanamo.

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