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Gibbons for Nevada Governor

By Jeffery Gannon Too

Setember 26, 2006

Nevada's Jim Gibbons

Competence and Controversy

I must admit, this blog almost writes itself. Googling Gibbons brought up over 200,000 articles about this fine piece of ... work. The only ones with positive remarks were his own press articles or his bio/lieo sheets. Even the Republican blogs have little to nothing positive (that can be substantiated) about this career politician.

One good thing you can say about Jim is he knows when to give up. After being a career politician at the public's feed trough for many years, he finally gave up on getting support from his fellow rubber-stamp Republicans in Congress when he was ignored in his attempts to get appointed as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. Now he's given up on that and is instead running for the Governor of Nevada.

Some of Gibbon's most remarkable stunts have included

1. Plagiarism. A speech given in February 2005 by Rep. Gibbons in Elko, Nevada was actually plagiarized from a copyrighted speech delivered in 2003 by then Alabama State Auditor Beth Chapman at a "Stand up America" rally . [In all fairness, I must report that Gibbon's was claiming that he was taken out of context there, but I don't know if anyone's buying it.]

2. Selling off Public Lands. In November 2005, Gibbons and Representative Richard Pombo (R-CA) co-authored an amendment to the Federal Budget Reconciliation Bill easing restrictions of sale of federal lands to industry.

3. Calls Nevadans Communists. In January, '06, Gibbons, speaking to NBC News, objected to protests against public financing of the Bush inauguration, saying that "anybody who is against that obviously is a communist."

He eventually apologized for this ignorant comment only to follow it up with an aptly similar Plagiarism (See 1 above).

4. Is he aiding and abetting criminals? Jim Gibbons, proving once again his maverickness by running with the Repubic herd, voted with his fellow Neocon clone, Jon Porter, to keep the House out of a secret session to review the crappy state of the war in Iraq.

5. And, here's my favorite. At a time when we were just beginning to realize our vulnerabilities to terrorism, this representative of America was too busy metaphorically sniffing around in Clinton's underwear drawer to protect our country "Our reaction to the embassy bombings should be based on sound credible evidence, not a knee-jerk reaction to try to direct public attention away from his personal problems." Ottawa Citizen, 8/21/98

Dearest visitor, this just barely scratches the surface of the 200,000 pages that came up on my search, but the evening grows long. Please forgive me for cutting it off here and leaving it for you to do your own searches.

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