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Happy New Year 06

By Dave Speck

January 4, 2006

Happy 2006

Happy New Year to all our readers It's been such a busy year in the opinions markets. The president who told us he was a uniter not a divider has divided this country like no national enemy possibly could. This has made for more opinions material than one could ever hope for.

I could just come up with another list of all the criminal, immoral, or just plain unethical, stunts that many of our elected enemy-of-the-state politicians have done, but that would just be way too easy. That would be what so many other writers have done, so I'll avoid the mundane, as ghastly as it is.

Instead, let's consider a few of the 'low' points for America in 2005 and look ahead to what kinds of God-awful country-hating things the traitors have in store for America this coming year.

Last Year's Highlights

1. Packing America's emergency and support agencies with cronies has finally reached the point where America has said, 'Enough!' FEMA and Katrina was the straw that broke the camel's back. With unimaginable damage and loss due, not to the storm, but to a broken emergency management agency managed by the wrong stuff, Bush's crony. This just following Bush's attempt to stuff the supreme court with his personal attorney. What was he thinking? Maybe he felt he would need someone on the inside when America finally sends him to prison for treason and other crimes against the state.

2. The Bush administration's total disrespect for the laws of the country came to a head with endless reports surfacing, mostly in non-American news media, of illegal activities, such as suspension of civil rights, imprisonment without the chance to prove your innocence. No, this wasn't enough, but foreign torture camps, blatant support for torture by campaigning against enforcement of our existing laws forbidding torture, but to find that we have been secretly shipping possibly innocent people over-seas to do more thorough torture than we could do at our own Gitmo torture camp.

3. And, finally, the year closes with promises that Bush intends to continue spying on political opponents in the name of national safety. Even Dick says that we would have been able to stop 9/11 if we only had these abuses at our disposal at that time. Say WHAT? They knew plenty about what was going on without trashing our privacy, back on 9/10, but they ignored the information. Why on earth should we be giving them more power to trash our country when they had plenty of opportunity to do their jobs but were blatantly incompetent?

Ah, yes, political capitol to burn.

Looking Ahead to 2006

1. The America-hating conservative media will be out in full force for the first part of the year, spending every dime of their dwindling credibility ensuring us that the Abramof scandal implicates Democrats as much as Republicans. They're already spewing the lies, in countless 10-second segments hidden between missing-white-girl broadcasts. Gotta know what's important. Ever heard of the 'Liberal Media' lie? This is it! Ethics, in general, will take a tremendous beating this year as the Conservatives rally around their corrupt leaders and try to change the rules so they don't appear as corrupt to their voters. However, this year we are finally seeing the silent majority showing outrage, and even Fukd News is losing their viewers because of their blatant lies. Way to go America

2. Leaving the Legacy: Bush will be scared to death of losing both houses and facing unprecedented criminal charges. It will therefore be his highest priority to spend his remaining capitol to stuff the courts with judges that will refuse to recuse themselves when absolving Bush; sounds just like the 2000 election disaster doesn't it? Only, now we'll have two Bush cronies in the supreme court and neither will recuse themselves, just to save Bush's hide. But, and yes, this is a big but, even though the supreme court judges are 'in for life', Congress can remove those who prove to be unethical, and failure to recuse oneself when appropriate will spell the end of those two wrong judges. But, it will release Bush of his restitution owed our great country. Ah, yes, ethics and the Republican party, almost enough to fill a thimble.

Of course, there is still the distinct possibility that the Republican control of the media will play in their favor and America will believe their crap, like they believed the Swift Boat liars, only now, they have a little more experience dancing with the devil. Maybe now America will call the liars, liars

Wishing you and America a safe, peaceful, and prosperous (a. k. a Progressive) new year.

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