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Just Say, 'Why?'


Weak World Leaders

by Jan Ballew
August 21, 2003

You're Either Wid Us or Agen Us

My hat goes off to George W. Bush. As if being president of the greatest country in the history of mankind isn't enough of a challenge, this administration has been plagued with terrible hardships. These challenges include a crippled economy, mass murder by religious extremists, Muslim fanaticism, and most inexcusable of all, a world full of leaders who are too weak-minded to effect change - too self involved to even hope to make any long lasting improvements in the world.

Granted, Bush's go-it-alone attitude regarding everything from the environment to international trade to world courts hasn't encouraged a community attitude from the rest of the world. Making decisions like it's our way or the highway doesn't usually make friends or influence people. But these issues are hardly enough to make the UN (more specifically, France and Germany) vote against cleaning up a tyrant regime with a track record of brutality, genocide, and hatred, mixed with a desire to develop bigger and better weapons. Yes, we're talking about Saddam Husein.

There's little question why Iran and North Korea opposed the UN cleaning up Iraq, but France and Germany? Go figure.

I'm terribly disappointed that the Republican controlled US government refuses to investigate the "Iraq Has Nuclear Weapons" lie. How can they possibly spend the billions of our tax dollars investigating Monica's panty stains but refuse to verify that they, and the American public weren't lied to in order to get support for an attack of a distant power. Seems obvious they don't care what's best for America, only what's best for themselves.

Since we don't really know the answer to whether we were lied to or not, let's leave that behind us for the moment. It is still a tough row to hoe for a president to go it alone when invading other countries. Fortunately, Bush has the support of the American government or his would be an impossible task.

We all know that vigilantism does not solve problems, but rather creates them. Take, for example, the many clans throughtout the world that hate each other. The hatred generally stems from the fact that clan A wronged clan B in retaliation for an earlier wrong.

This is one very important reason to always have a police force or judicial system to resolve differences. This is one very important reason no race should ever retaliate against another. Bush was short on third parties when it came to Iraq. For the most part, this conflict was the US against Iraq's Baath party - exactly what we shouldn't do. However, if the country felt it was imminent, as I do, that Saddam would have weapons of mass destruction, then it's a tough decision.

My hat goes off to George W. Bush.

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