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America Losing its Grip on Freedom

By Dave Speck

December 19, 2003

America Losing its Grip on Freedom

The American voting public was outraged at the government's efforts to destroy more of America's freedoms through the sneaky farce called the Patriot Act. Then, the government tried to make things even worse with the Patriot II. The American voters wouldn't stand for it.

So, what did the politicians do? They slipped most of the Patriot II act through as attachments to other amendments, against the wishes of the American voters. What kind of a con artist would name an amendment as unAmerican as this amendment, with the name "Patriot"? Only a cruel and vicious politician would try to hide their filth in a name to take advantage of a country's patriotism. Obviously the same monsters that would force it through behind the backs of the voters.

Suppose, for a moment, that a kitty litter plant opened up down the street and all the filth came blowing through the windows and open doors. What would you do first close the windows and doors, or strip the carpets down to the bare wood to try to find all the kitty litter? Of course you would close the unguarded openings.

What did the American government and society do when they found they had terrorists in their midst? They've done nothing to stem the flow of illegal immigrants but rather destroyed many of their freedoms to try to find some of the bad kitty litter.

Granted, this time, most of the litter came in through legal means, but that's not to say, in any way, that the majority of the terrorists have come in using legal visas or what the terrorists of the future will do so. So the USA has made it more difficult to get legal visas but they have done nothing to stop the flow of illegal immigration.

Why not close your windows and doors before throwing away your hard-earned freedoms, America? Do you ever question who is making those decisions for your country? Don't think for a moment that the terrorists aren't watching what you do ... and you haven't done anything, yet, to reduce their illegal infiltration. I hope you wake up before it's too late ... before more terrorists come, before you throw away more of your freedoms. Wake Up NEO

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