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Just Say Why


Just Say Why

by Dave Speck
July 7, 2002

Listening to the TV the other day, I stumbled across an ad paid for by the US government. And, what were they spending my hard-earned tax dollars on, now? A brainwash-our-youth campaign, "Just Say No."

Our political servants (yes, they are our employees) are trying to teach our youth how to think, or more accurately, how not to think. It's a crime to be convincing America's future voters that it's okay to just accept someone else's word for something and just say, "no." No matter how you feel about legalizing drugs, surely you see the mistake in brainwashing kids, and by telling their parents that it's an okay way to deal with important issues. Whose stupid idea was this, anyway?

What kind of America so you see for the future, run by adults raised on the "just say no" philosophy, a future generation raised on the belief that it's right to just blindly follow along with whatever the TV preaches? No need for free thought; no room for it, either.

Sure, Americans need to be properly armed with the facts in order to avoid the pitfalls of drugs, but expecting them to follow blindly to what the TV says is disastrous.

Don't tell your kids to "just say no," tell them to just say, "why." Never believe anything 100% unless you have seen with your own eyes. Tell them about drugs, and be honest with them. Some day they'll be adults and they will either benefit from your time or fail because of your brainwashing.

Many of you have already begun to wonder, as I do, what is our government doing trying to teach our kids morals - teaching them the difference between right and wrong? Believe me, there isn't a single politician that I would like my little Johnny growing up to imitate. That, though, is another topic.

The next time someone (Uncle Sam or anyone else) tells you to believe something just because they say so, a red flag should go up. "Oh, oh, someone's trying to pull the wool over my eyes." Next time someone tries to tell your kids to do something they don't understand, step in and find out what's going on. You'll probably find something's going wrong.

Don't just say no, just say why!

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