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Just Say, 'Why?'

Karma and the Art of Car Buying

By Dave Speck

October 24, 2003

Karma and the Art of Car Buying

John, a dear friend of mine, came to visit the other day and was proud to show off his new Mother of All SUVs. He said there's no better way to protect his family in the event of an accident. "Hey, Dave, you should get one, too, and protect your family better," he said. Maybe I should.

I was quite horrified when I saw his wife driving it later in the week, bullying her way into traffic. She didn't notice me in my tiny little Lincoln Continental.

This interesting exchange got me to thinking, and the more I thought, the more I noticed "who" was driving all those oversized vehicles. I'm not sure if the SUVs turn normal, sensible, considerate drivers into monsters or if it's the monster in each of us that makes some buy these tanks. Nonetheless, it's obvious that the vast majority of SUV drivers I've noticed, lately, are aggressive and inconsiderate - much more than the average driver.

"John," I said, "if everyone thinks like you do, then eventually we'll all have tanks on the road and we'll all be much less safe." "Then you'll have to buy something bigger and more dangerous to those around you." This argument didn't seem to have much impact on him so I tried another approach.

"By driving a big SUV you are improving your chances of surviving an accident at the increased risk to all those drivers around you," I told John. Isn't that stealing? Stealing something much more important and valuable than all the riches in ones possession? Stealing someone else's chances of surviving an accident with you?

"That's okay," John said, "I can go to church and get forgiven." Well, all I can say to that is I hope he goes to get forgiven every time he drives that beast and I hope he doesn't kill someone on the way there.

After all my contemplating and evaluating I came to the conclusion that SUVs are bad for the road. If you know someone who drives a SUV you might just ask her if it's fair for her to steal the safety of those around her. Do they all have one lame excuse after another? Sure they do. The SUV made them do it.

I suppose that if they kill someone in an accident when they're driving their Mother of all SUVs, they should be charged with premeditated murder. After all, they knew they were putting everyone else at increased risks before getting behind the wheel of that vast killing machine.

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