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Just Say, 'Why?'


Liberal Bias

By Dave Speck

January 31, 2005

What is becoming of America's common sense? Is the majority of our country really susceptible enough to believe the neocon's lying press? This past election seems to prove that the [un]fair and [un]balanced neocon media machine has managed to fool the vast majority. How very sad for America.

I used to hear the term, "Liberal bias in the media" and always just shrugged it off knowing that the rest of the country knew it just wasn't so. However, it is now obvious that if it's repeated enough times, people will begin to believe it. Let's see how well this works, let's try repeating this a few times:

"In order to win America back from the special interests, Americans must contribute what we can to the cause, and that includes contributing to web sites such as this one through advertising and donations."

Let's examine some of the many lies that the liars have managed to fool our neighbors with.

Myth 1 Liberal Bias in the Media

Oh, come on now. Get serious. There was never a successful lying liberal media station like Fox news or Rash Limbaugh. There were certainly a few fringe stations, but they never made it to success because the liberals wouldn't support lies.

However, there are numerous examples of publications that are sold to the people, to society. And, yes, indeed, these publications, called newspapers and magazines and TV stations, presented issues from the perspective of the viewers, from the perspective of society. Of course, those that aren't interested in society getting its news will complain because the articles aren't slanted towards the polluting and cheating corporations. But, that's hardly bias.

In fact, the current attempt to interview spokespersons from each side of an argument, no matter how insane, is not only wrong, but it validates the stupidity when there really isn't a good second view.

Myth 2 Tax and Spend Liberals

It would only be a moron or a really good liar to try to convince us that a Republican administration or Republican government spends less money than Democrats. It only takes five minutes on a search engine to find actual numbers that show that the Republicans have outspent the Democrats in every term that they have been in power.

The same moron or liar is going to try to say that it's never been a government managed solely by the Republicans so we can always blame someone else, which they are experts at. Well, let's look at the current state of affairs. Never since the great depression have we been in such financial trouble in this country and we cannot blame it on anyone. However, the lying Republican media will try to blame some past president, or maybe the weather, or how about the dinosaurs. Talk about really stupid. However, they still manage to fool a few.

Okay, so why don't the Republicans like the way the Democrats spend money? It's because the Democrats spend it on social programs that help the citizens. What do the Republican spend money on? Corporate feed bags, corporate give aways, corporate tax breaks, hundreds of billions of dollars to their supporters, just this past year, alone. Hundreds of Billions! Just a small fraction of that would be more than enough to put Social Security back on track for many years to come. But, do the Republicans want to do that? Of course not, they want the money to go to their friends in Haliberton, and all the rest.

Let's look at where liberal tax and spend dollars have gone. Think of any of America's great accomplishments, and they've all been sponsored by social programs, in other words, programs that help the people. There isn't a single corporate payoff that has helped the people of America in any way, whatsoever. Just off the top of my head come things like

1. Unemployment benefits for the millions of people that have lost their jobs thanks to Bush,

2.Our infrastructure, such as highways would never have been built if it wasn't for our smart government decisions to "tax and spend." How about the Internet? Was that invented by a billion dollar grant to Microsoft? Of course not!

3.Social Security. Believe it or not, a person that works hard all his life to make some fat corporation successful may do his best to sacrifice and save for his retirement and still end up with nothing after a short illness and a couple weeks in the hospital. This hard working hard saving bloke could well be your aunt or uncle or neighbor. Social Security is one of the best programs we have ever had to help keep these retired backbone-of-America people from freezing to death on some park bench.

4.If a corporation has a choice between getting customers by selling them medicine every week, or by supplying a cure for their aliment, the decision is obvious "Bleed them till they're all used up." Only the government can do a successful job of researching medical cures and it can only happen when we gladly invest a couple tax dollars apiece to accomplish the miracle.

5.The Space Program

This obviously didn't come from us giving a billion dollar feed bag to a corporation. It only came because America knew that it was the right thing to do - the right thing for America. And what a wonderful accomplishment it was. Give that much money to Haliburton and what do you get? "Oh, we lost it somewhere between Iraq and the ozone."

Yes, indeed, Tax and Spend It's what makes America strong. Tax and give it to the rich is the Republican way and it's not America's way.

Just think for a moment of the things that make America great and you'll agree that it's our tax dollars that make these wonderful things happen, and it's only by spending our tax dollars on programs that help the people, not the corporations.

"In order to win America back from the special interests, Americans must contribute what we can to the cause, and that includes contributing to web sites such as this one through advertising and donations." Is it working, yet? :-)

Myth 3 "Liberals are Weak on Crime" Oh, yes, the Republicans under fund the police systems and then brag that arrests are down. Hello?? Does anyone really believe this? Let's give it another try

"In order to win America back from the special interests, Americans must contribute what we can to the cause, and that includes contributing to web sites such as this one through advertising and donations."

Democrats try to put together rehabilitation programs that help get people off drugs and alcohol to help reduce drug-related crimes. The Republicans follow right behind and underfund the programs so they never really succeed. After all, there's not enough tax dollars to spend on both the American people and the multi billion dollar corporations.

What other lies are you tired of hearing from the NeoConservative lie machine? Feel free to use the feedback page on this site to send me your favorites.

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