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America Evicts Republican Corruption

By Dave Speck

January 12, 2007

America Evicts Republican Corruption

by Dave Speck

So, here we are, just a little while since the November elections. And, what can we say about the results? Not a single Democrat was evicted but countless Republicans were forced to remove their deep snouts from the congressional swill.

You might think that I'm down on Republicans. Don't fool yourself. I'm down on destructive, deceptive, and just plain corrupt politicians. Every time they get in office they show the American people why they won't ever vote for another Republican. They do a much better job of this than the Democrats can do in all their trying.

But for all the evicting going on during the last election, the one person that scares the American voters the most is still dug in like a Texas tic. The poor wimpy Democrats are still too afraid to confront the child president. Oh, the Republican Media Machine will crusify us if we withdraw funding for the already under funded war. We'll be seen as soft on terrorism, soft on defense. Well, the one thing they're obviously soft on is the Republican media. Until they can break this log jam, the Democrats have no hope of ever restoring America to the greatness of just a decade ago.

And, now we are starting to see the slime slithering out of the dark recesses of congress to test the presidential waters of 2008. The only Republican willing to meekly oppose Bush's attack on Habeas Corpus was John McCain. Of course he immediately withdrew his opposition so again Bush's wave of destruction continue unabated. McCain also opposed Bush's torture directives, and quickly folded. To anyone but a complete moron, these antics were just an obvious bluff to pretend that he was opposing the president's illegal activities, while secretly supporting them.

McCain's most telling position is so sickening that it tells America that he is interested in nothing but more Republican lies and deceipt. "Blindly believe what I say but don't look at what I do." A decorated war hero who supports everything he says he's against. McCain is supporting Bush's dirty little crusade. I could be wrong, here. Maybe he really is against the war and just pretended to be for it. I hope that America can see that McCain is just more of the same Bushit.

Oh well, just more to watch for -- McCain 2008

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