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Nevada Votes to Become America's Nuclear Toilet

by Dave Speck
June 9, 2003

Knowing George W. Bush's connections with the nuclear and oil energy industries, Nevada voted for Bush in the 2000 election. Granted, it wouldn't have made much difference in the long run. The interesting point is that Nevada voted for the man they knew would try to harm their state. Now, why would a state vote like this?

Alaska knew Bush was in favor of converting Alaska to an oil field wasteland. Did they vote for him? A landslide: 135,000 for Bush and only 63,000 for Gore.

What makes voters vote for the person they know is the wrong candidate?

The answer lies in the media. The answer is the same answer to the question, "Why does Iraq's youth believe Saddam is their father and savior?" People with weak minds are easily swayed by what they see on ads in the media. Hearing the same lie over and over will eventually convince even the hardest of POWs - not just the weak-minded.

In light of this, why are we allowing our politicians to use the media to run their elections? It's wrong, plain and simple - wrong.

Sure, every American has the right of free speech. Okay, fine, let them have some debates to express their views. No need for brainwashing ads.

Of course, without all those ads, there would be no way the wrong politicians could possibly spend all their bribes - oh, I mean contributions. Ya, sure!

For that matter, bribing politicians is illegal in America, but it goes on every time a major contributor gives money to a candidate. In order to continue getting those bribes, oops, I mean donations, the candidate has to make the contributor happy. Plain and simple, bribery. What on earth are we doing letting businesses and specialized groups bribe our politicians? Freedom of speech should not include groups or businesses. One person, one voice, one vote.

So what's the solution:

1. Forbid all political donations that are not from individuals. No donations from Political Action Committees, no business interests, no nuclear industry bribery. One person, one vote, one donation.

2. To ensure one person, one vote, limit all donations to an amount reasonable for the average American. $1,000 should be more than plenty. $500 is even better.

3. Any person caught exceeding his $1,000 goes to jail after paying considerable fines. If they have too much money, then let them help pay down the national debt.

Businesses and special interest groups should not own our government - but they do.

If your congressman is not willing to support such reforms, they are part of the problem, and need to be replaced before they can further infect our political arena.

Believe it or not, the problem is obvious and the solution is simple. Use your vote to help fix this worsening fiasco.

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