Just Say, 'Why?'


Profile of a Terrorist

By George Shewmaker

July 23, 2005

Disclaimer -- I am not in the psychiatric procession and the following opinions are just that, my opinions. During my few years on this planet I've encountered many people that exhibit many shared personality traits. I believe investigating these traits will help us understand and therefore, better deal with and conquer the terrorist religious fanatics that oppose a free and progressive society.

Seeing news clips of rows and rows of Muslim boys all lined up, facing down, rocking back and forth to show submission to their god, makes me shudder. Imagine the damage done to these children's emotional and intellectual development being brainwashed at such a young age, far too young to be capable of independent thought. Is there any wonder why these societies are so out of touch with reality? Regressive, backwards, originalist thinking is pounded into their brains from birth.

An important aspect of maturing is developing the strength to stop believing in ghosts and monsters. Another aspect, and much more important, is the development of an understanding that you are responsible for your thoughts and actions. If you do something wrong, you face the consequences. One of a parent’s many responsibilities is to ensure that the child doesn’t suffer grievously from the consequences of their inexperience. However, all parents know that suffering their own consequences is a fundamental and irreplaceable part of the learning and maturing process.

Then -- along comes their Muslim brainwashing. They are told that to grow up you must stop being afraid of invisible monster and ghosts, except those we tell you to fear. The religious brainwashing requires the poor children to discount the logical and sensible conclusion and believe that there are, and at the same time, are not ghosts and goblins. This training teaches the children to accept illogical ramblings as long as they’re enforced by a religion with 3,000 years of experience in brainwashing -- or as some would say, strong, ruthless, illogical, loathsome leaders.

These children grow up to believe that some illogical fallacies are to be believed and followed without question while their common sense is telling them that it is a lie.

Finally, now, these children are ripe for the picking. "Believe me and follow me because I speak the language of the elders." "They may sound like lies, but you believe in lies, now don't you?"

Now, this brings up a few very important and, I believe, pertinent questions. Are religious zealots more susceptible to lies? Can a strong leader capture the hearts and minds of those brainwashed followers and lie to them without any fear of being questioned? Are these people so good at lying to themselves to believe what their logical minds discount, that they become expert liars, themselves? Does lying become a new metaphor for these followers? I believe that the answer in all three cases is a resounding, yes. Are there countless Muslim leaders (e.g. OBL) who can exploit these brainwashed masses? Of course there are. Just listen to any typical cleric in a Muslim nation. Follow the liar.

Don’t misinterpret this comment, but I passed a truck today that had three white stickers on the back window, each depicting two little children kneeling down under a cross. This could easily have been six little brainwashed Muslims kneeling down on their prayer rugs. Religion is good, but brainwashing children is the sure path to becoming a Muslim nation, or worse.

America has never been as religious as we are today and I believe religions have many great values. But, people believing that they are not responsible for their actions is the root of all our current problems, and these problems, are also more prevalent these days than ever before in America’s history. Is this only a coincidence? I think not. "God made me do it." "If I go to church tomorrow, I'll be forgiven and I can go and do it again and again." "It's just a little white lie."

Brainwashing children, before they're old enough to understand that they must be solely responsible for their actions is the best way to teach them that they don't need to be responsible. Let's lie, pollute, cheat, embezzle, you name it, after all, God made me do it. It's not the American way, but it is a certain political party's way. Is it just a coincidence? Of course not.

In conclusion, I have found that many people around the world exhibit many of the traits that make them easy marks for organized recruitment by religious organizations with many centuries of history and training. If you see yourself or someone you know in these descriptions, then, good, maybe we've made the first step in recovering from this disease. But, remember, after the denial phase usually comes the anger phase and you must use this force for your benefit. On a final note, I believe that research, I mean real research, needs to be done in this area to help us understand and avoid being used or overcome by those fanatics, local or foreign.

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