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Just Say, 'Why?'


America's Right and Their Honesty Difficulties

By Dave Speck

April 26, 2004

The Abortion Lies -


Today's news had a headline titled 500,000 in Pro Abortion Rally. Pro Abortion? My gosh, were there 500,000 murderers out there saying, have abortions, have abortions? "Thunder, Thunder, Thunderation, Let's all have an Abortion". (Okay, I admit, it doesn't rhyme, but you get the point.) No, I don't suppose anyone was chanting that. It's a lie. But, that's exactly what the headlines would have you think. I wonder if it was just a moron who wrote the article and didn't re-read it to see if it really said what it was supposed to. Or, then again, maybe the lie is exactly what the reporter wanted to spew.


How about the editor? Did the editor really want to lie or were they just too brain-dead or corrupt to consider the headline's accuracy? Was it done on purpose? Is our news media lying to us? I once read a book by Ann Coulter about how the news media is corrupted by "liberals". Oh, yeah, it sure looks like that, this morning.

Shame on you, Ann Coulter. Don't you know that you'll burn in Hell for lying?

Fact is, the whole Pro-Abortion, Pro-Life argument is just a big lie. America's Right-wingers would like you to think that it's their "Right-to-Life" position against the "Pro-Abortion" position. Another huge lie No matter what you're told, it's not a Pro-Abortion rally, but a pro-choice rally. And, it's not a Pro-Life group, but an Anti-Choice movement. If the argument was really, "Pro-Life", then there would be no argument, and everyone could go to the polls and vote out the imposter.

But, no, the Right-Wingers are lying and saying, it's really "Pro-Life" but we just don't want you to have the right to decide. Well, is the argument "Life" or "Choice"? If it's not a lie, and the argument is really "Life" then we're all on the same side. But, no, we're not all on the same side because the issue isn't Pro-Life but rather, Anti-Choice and liars are trying to paint it in a less awful light. They know people won't support it for what it really is so they lie to hide the true purpose - take away other's freedoms.


The Hate Initiatives -

Not long ago we had a local religious group put a bill on our ballot designed to ensure that those who thought differently than them could not have the same rights we all enjoy. Did they call this the "No More Justice for All" initiative? No. How about naming it the "Let's Hate Those Queer Bastards" initiative?

No, this Right-Wing group lied to all of us and sold it as the "Save Marriage" initiative. What a lie!

When I started seeing signs sprouting around our neighborhood, I though there must be something drastically wrong that we have to worry about our marriages being threatened. "Save Marriage." But, alas, it was a big fat lie. Our marriages weren't being threatened. It was the marriage of those "Queer Bastards" that they wanted to destroy.

It wasn't a bill to protect anything but rather a bill to spread hate and steal rights from those who don't happen to think or act or look like the Right-Wing Bastards.

Don't they know they'll burn in Hell for lying?

Reminds me of the most "un-patriotic" legislation we've seen in the history of America, being sold to us as "The Patriot Act" by our president. Sounds sort of like our president trying to amend our country's constitution to add a "Faggots Will Never Have Rights" amendment. "Anything that's different than us must be feared and destroyed."


Take a Stand -

Are we all so fat and lazy that we'll just take this kind of degradation in our society without so much as a grumble? No, probably not.

Next time you catch our civic or national leaders in a lie, or even an obvious stretch, write a letter, call in to a talk show, do something. If we all continue to do nothing, we'll all benefit from our laziness in the end, as will our children and our children's children.

Get off your butts and make a stand for decency. No more lies.

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