Just Say, 'Why?'


Abusing Pages to Make Politics

By David Schlecht

October 3, 2006

What is Wrong With Them?

That's the real question, here. I see many people clambering around all upset that the House Republicans are lying and having to revise their lies with each new revelation of fact and I can appreciate that. Still more are upset about the fact that America's kids are being exploited by our government officials and I can appreciate that, as well. But what's really wrong with this whole mess is the big picture.

Evidentially the Republican Pedophiles have been abusing their power for many years, now, and nothing has been done to fix it. Complaints date all the way back to 2001, and nothing was done. And, the most grotesque part of all this is that the Republicans are now playing politics with this rather than fixing it and stepping up and appologizing.

Sick! That's what pedophiles are, and that's what this whole mess is. Just plain sick.

How did we allow this to happen to our government? Why do they still think they can slime their way out of this? We're talking about powerful Republicans taking advantage of 16 year old boys in their care. How would any political party feel they have the foolish electorate so hypnotized that they could get away with abusing our kids and then turning it into politics as usual?


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