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Is it Time to Take Back Our Religion?

By Paul Johnson

February 15, 2007

Is it Time to Take Back Our Religion?

Reading Dave Speck's latest post regarding the need to discourage religious zealots, be them Muslims, Christians, or the Flying Spaghetti Monsters, I was quite curious about a few things. Maybe you've contemplated these same issues.

Would religious zealots be as dangerous if they suffered their fanaticism in other areas? We've all heard of the stories of the most fanatical convicts becoming the most fervent Christians when they saw Jesus. Obvious cases all point to a yes answer. Any form of unrestrained fanaticism is harmful, if not to all those around him, at least with respect to the afflicted. Too many vitamins are lethal, too much exercise is damaging, too much sex causes medical problems and even death for the more promiscuous.

So, if we're all happy with our religions as a personal and private choice and don't enjoy broadcasting our convictions, how do we feel about the nuts who are hijacking our Christian religion? Do you suppose we feel the same way toward them that the other religions feel about their monsters? I would say, obviously so. We're tolerant of them since we feel akin to them but just wish they would get a grip. They, on the other hand, only wish we could be cured of our laziness, lack of conviction, or blasphemous ways.

And, this leads me to my final question. If we can't restrain the zealots amongst us, will we be destined to slip back into the dark ages, or will the zealots some how stop right before it's too late and see the error of their ways?

What can we do, as fellow Christians, to reign in the kooks who are destroying our religion? Obviously, just doing as the Muslims have done, ignore it, is only going to make things worse. Only, as I pointed out in a previous post, our religious handbook prescribes considerably more violence than does theirs.

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