Just Say, 'Why?'


What They Didn't Know

By Keith Bush

January 25, 2006

What They Didn't Know

Today's Islamic countries aren't glad to be governed by their corrupt religious fanatics. If they only knew what they were getting themselves into, they would certainly have opposed it. In fact many did oppose it, but just not openly.

The Islamic countries of today share little resemblance of the Ottoman Empire from which they claim to have sprung. The Ottoman Empire was immense, successful, and, compared to today's imposters ... free. The few Islamic radicals were not as power hungry and less successful at corrupting the government as today's zealots.

Sadly, this successful marriage did not last forever and ultimately the radicals gained control of the government and the empire crumbled.

Fast forward to the 1970s. Before Iran fell to the dark side of Islamic hell, many Iranians believed that a more holy government would mean a more righteous and fair and less corrupt country. But, the majority knew better. That's the same folly their forefathers made in Ottoman. Some people just never learn and others just never speak up.

Many readers will be quick to point out that a large majority of Iran didn't want to install a radical Ayatollah, but sat quietly by, believing that everything would turn out okay. What they didn't know was that their complacency was going to be as much to blame as the fanatics' zealotry. Just a little effort on their part and they would be living in a successful and wealthy country today.

Contrarily, many moved out after neglecting their country in a time of dire need.

The Ottoman Empire wasn't the only country to fall once the government became infected with religious zealots. The Dark Ages were full of failed nations governed by fanatics.

Now, today, we see the USA making the same tragic mistakes of the failed Christian states of the Dark Ages. They profess to oppose the backward governance of the terrorist nations while becoming more and more like them. And, all this time the silent majority sits quietly on their hands when just a few small acts of reason could save their nation.

Will the USA become just another failed nation? A failed nation with WMD? Of course they won't think it will happen, but then again, neither did the other failed nations.

What they don't seem to know is that the final result is always the same if every one makes the same mistakes. The world will greatly suffer from a failed USA. Are we entering another Dark Age or are the religiously deranged able to bring upon us all, their "End of Days". Is it time to speak up, yet?

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