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Are Americans Undercutting Themselves in Iraq?

By Dave Speck

November 4, 2003

For want of a nail, the shoe was lost

For want of the shoe, the horse was lost

For want of the horse, the rider was lost

For want of the rider, the battle was lost

For want of the battle, the kingdom was lost,

And all for the want of a nail.

Are Americans Undercutting Themselves in Iraq?

How can it possibly be that the USA can't manage to protect Iraq, a country no bigger than the state of California? The Pentagon claims to be able to run and win three wars concurrently, but they don't seem to even be able to manage one, successfully. What's going wrong?

In a nutshell, what's going wrong is that the USA doesn't have enough might stationed in this lawless country. When you take a repressed country that has been living under an iron fist for so long, what do you suppose they'll do when they're freed? What do you suppose any person would do when released from a repressive master? Go crazy The more immature, the more crazy they'll go. The more irresponsible, the more crazy they'll go.

America knew, going into the war, that many in Iraq would hold on and fight underground battles to the finish. America also knew that putting their people in the middle of the Middle East would make them tempting targets to all those who hate them, and there are many people in that part of the world that fit the description.

Even knowing this, the USA has stated repeatedly that they have enough troops there. I say, obviously not

The more success the insurgents have, the more embolden they become, and the more things they try. Another way to say this is that the longer America takes to realize their peril, the worse it'll get. The longer America takes to get serious, the more soldiers they'll lose, needlessly.

The USA has proven that they are not willing to stay mired in a battle, losing American soldiers, for very long. All America's latest battles have been lightening strikes, in and out, and this is because America's leaders know that the country won't back a long costly war. Now Bush is between the rock and the hard place because it'll be admitting he was wrong about not putting in more troops when many people were proving that it was necessary. It's easier to tell America that they'll have to lose more money over the war than to have to lose more soldiers. That makes it very hard for Bush to do the right thing.

Here's my recommendation for Mr. Bush Bite the bullet, do what you "know" you need to do to get this mess over with quickly. Do what you know will work and quit hoping that a little powered sugar around the corners will fix the cake. Money, alone, even huge sums, won't fix this -- even though you got Congress to give it. Get serious numbers on how many soldiers and support troops it'll take to get the job done right, and do it. And don't wait for other countries to offer to lend a hand. Most of the world thinks you got yourself into this mess, you'll have to get yourself out if it.

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