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What has Happened to Our World?

I stumbled across a children’s health clinic being held at a local hardware store, today.

The horror of our health care industry smacked me right in the face. What have we done with our once great nation?

I saw an endless line of children without health insurance. Some of the children were so sick someone called the ambulance. Even a fire truck showed up. Some of the children were too sick to even stand on their own.

How could we let this nation come to this? How can we be so silent while the Republicans turn this great country into the Libertarian Paradise of Somalia?  Children there are dying without health care, too.

Health care is a right, it’s not a privileged offered to only the wealthy. Obamacare is a small, tiny step in the right direction and even that is being opposed by the Republicans. The Republican party wants the sick and the poor to hurry up and just die.

This isn’t the America I read about in school. This is a bizarre nightmare brought on by too much Libertarian Voodoo economics.

This country is falling apart around our ankles and we need to get mad as Hell and get out in the streets and demand progress.

Dumb as a Tea Bagger

We used to use the phrase, “dumb as a post,” but more fitting in these days would be “dumb as a tea bagger.”

Twenty years ago, when we saw fools voting against their own best interests and wearing three pointed hats with tea bags hanging from them, we would scoff and disapprove. The fools wouldn’t show up in the news except a few humor stories from time to time.

These days, we have a political party intent on taking advantage of the poor misguided fools. They even have their own news media, Fox News, who tried to give the fools legitimacy.

This is not good for America. We need to call a fool a fool and we need to turn off and openly complain about any news media that tried to give legitimacy to the lunacy of the tea party.

What are the Odds of Global Warming?

What do you think the odds are that Global Warming is man caused? 100%? 10%? 1%?

Now ask yourself if you would board an airplane with those same odds of crashing.  If one of every 100 planes crashed, would you fly? Of course not. If the odds were 1/100 of 1% that would still be hundreds of crashed planes a day.

Would you board that plane?

Of course not.

So why would you do nothing about Global Warming when it has even higher possibility and higher risk of harm than flying in our 100th of one percent example?

I can tell you why some people refuse to address it. It’s because they believe the lies of the fossil fuel industry.

Are you one of the sheep listening to the lies? When will you decide to get off the plane? Hopefully before it crashes.

What is the Latest on Benghazi?


The Republicans are trying to start up a new round of investigations into Benghazi. The new investigations will cost you and me, the American tax payer over $10,000.000.

The Republicans think that it’s okay to put money into these pointless investigations but not a penny into helping the poor or unemployed.

America is sick and tired of the Republicans treating us like ignorant savages and believing that we won’t kick them out come next election. We are sick and tired of this and we’re not going to take it anymore.

The Republican voter is just as horrified and concerned about their Republican party as is the rest of the country.  We will be seeing a big change in the coming election.

But, what about Benghazi? What new is there to investigate? Well, the fact is, there is nothing new. There is nothing to investigate. It is just a political stunt to fool the Republican base into thinking Hillary Clinton had something to do with it. But the Republican voters aren’t taking it anymore.

But, even the Republican voters know Hillary isn’t responsible for putting on her SWAT outfit and personally guarding every embassy, hot house, and out house around the world. The Republican voters know it’s all about politics because the Republican party really has nothing else to run on.

Hey, Republican party, wake up. The Republican voter has had enough. You’re outta here.

Oh, and what about Benghazi? Why is it coming up again, right now? Because the Republicans don’t have anything else to distract their voters from the obvious failure that has become of the Republican party.

Here is what you need to know about Benghazi:

BenghaziAmerica has suffered numerous consulate and embassy attacks over the years, but this is the only one the Republican party wants to investigate. Go figure.

The Demise of the Republican Party Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

Single Issue Voters Getting Manipulated

Almost all of America agrees with the policies of the Progressive Left. This includes agreeing with the majority of the following issues:

  • The rich have gotten too rich
  • The rich have too much influence over our political system
  • Our political system needs to be more representative of the needs of the middle class
  • We need to fix the economy so we can bring back the middle class in this country
  • We need to take care of the least among us, including extended unemployment benefits, food stamps, food for poor children
  • We need to fix our broken health care system
  • We need to get off fossil fuels and need to start developing energy systems for the 21st century
  • We need to do something about global warming and the freaky once-in-a-century storms we’re seeing every day, now

In fact, not only does the vast majority of America believe these things, the vast majority of REPUBLICANS believe these things.

So, if that’s true, then why does anyone still vote republican? The answer is obvious and this answer explains why America is at a greater risk than ever of being destroyed by the wealthy, at the hands of the the Republican voters who believe all these things. This answer should scare the dickens out of you.

The Republican party and the top 1% of our wealthy elite have found a way to get the average Republican to vote against America. This sounds like hyperbole, but bear with me. The vast majority of Republican voters are single issue voters. In other words, they are willing to see all the other issues, mentioned above, go to Hell as long they get their one hot item issue. Even if they don’t get the one issue, they’ll vote for a party that lies to them and says they’re going to provide it.

And, what are these single issues that the Republican voter will vote for even if it means the destruction of America? What are the things that are so important that they’re more important than our economy or more important than everything else our country stands for? You’ve probably guessed. But here is a short list of things that some fanatics will vote for, even if it means voting against everything else that matters to them.

  • Gun rights
  • Abortion restrictions
  • Birth control restrictions
  • Putting women in their place at the back of the bus
  • Putting minorities at the back of the bus
  • Putting gays in their place
  • Protecting the great white class in America
  • Religious control of our country
  • Getting rid of the black man in the white house
  • Undoing equal rights
  • Benghazi
  • Anything Fox News says

The wealthy have found out how to control these ignorant fanatics to vote against everything that matters to them, just so long as they foolishly believe their one-ticket item will finally be addressed.

And now that the Republicans in the Supreme Court have opened the flood gates and allowed the wealthy and transnational corporations control of our political process, we are seeing billions of dollars spent to get those fanatics mobilized.

Come election day, these fanatics will be wetting their pants from all the scary advertising and will be the first ones in line to vote.

All the while, the rest of America will watch in horror at the spectacle that we see every election year and most will neglect to even get to the voting booths.

Big money will be controlling the fanatics more than ever this election year. If the rest of us quietly watch from the sidelines, we can kiss this country goodbye. Not goodbye in the future or goodbye next year or in a few years. If we don’t fix this right now, we will not get another chance.

Talk to your friends. Talk to your neighbors. Try to wake up your single-issue voters in your family to the fact that they’re being manipulated to vote against their own best interests and the best interest of their country.

More than anything, get everyone you know to register and get out and vote.

The Demise of the Republican Party Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

The Endgame

Ever play the game of Monopoly?

Losing the game of Monopoly

You know how it ends. Eventually no one has anything left but the rich.

We now live in the new Gilded Age where the wealthy own more than all the rest of us combined. We are in the final stages of the game of Monopoly and we’re losing. We are giving away our money and our government and our freedom to the billionaires and transnational corporations.

You know it’s true. Your income doesn’t go as far as it used to. You have probably experienced a loss of pay or of benefits or employment and probably know others who have as well. Your expenses keep going up but your wages don’t.

And what’s worse, is you doubt that it will be getting any better.

In fact, we are so far along the game of Monopoly that the rich are not only taking everything from us, but they’re even changing the rules of the game so they make even more faster.

The only way we win this game of Monopoly is to get politically active. Get out there and join groups and start leaving comments correcting the websites and blogs that shill for the wealthy.

But, most importantly, get out there and start talking with your family and your friends and your neighbors. They all feel the same way you do. Everyone knows we’re losing this game of Monopoly and we have to get active, right now, if we expect to fix this before it’s too late.

What kind of America are you going to leave for your children and grandchildren? Will they be slaves for the wealthy or will we demand our fair share of the profits of this great and wealthy country?

Get active and get three other people to join you in getting active.

The games almost over.

Cancel The Trade Agreements

The millionaires and transnational corporations are trying to sell us on another trade agreement, the TPP.

Free trade causes a giant sucking sound

This job killing trade agreement will do tremendous harm to Americans, just like all the other trade agreements have. We’ve seen one trade agreement after another and we’ve been promised how each will bring prosperity to Americans, but things just keep getting worse.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that we’re being sold a lie. These trade agreements have American workers competing with the starving and even the slave laborers of other countries.  How do we expect to keep our American quality of living when we’re competing with workers in third world countries? We can’t obviously, and that’s why things are continually getting worse, right here at home.

These trade agreements don’t even help the other countries’ workers because all the  money goes to the corporations.

Way back in the old days, we had a presidential debate where Ross Perot came right out and said that if we sign these trade agreements, we would hear a giant sucking sound as all our jobs left the country.

He was right!

It’s time, right now, today, to cancel all the trade agreements and quit listening to the millionaires and transnational corporations lie about how wonderful life will be if we just believe them this time.

But it’s time, right now, today to call our representatives and the president and tell them all that we want out of all the trade agreements and we want to put our tariffs back in place.

Time is running out. We are quickly losing control of our government to the rich and multinational corporations and we have to start fighting, today, to get our country back. It will be too late before we know it.

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Who is “The Government”?

Who is The Government?

If you wanted to work against the best interests of a democracy, you would always refer to it as “The Government”. You would try to get people to disassociate with their government.

In a democracy, we are the government. Remember “We The People”?

Every time you see or hear someone say, “The Government” mentally replace it with “WE THE PEOPLE” and you can tell if they’re just trying to undermine your democracy.

If you think it’s not your government because your guy didn’t win, then you need to get a better handle on the meaning of democracy. If the majority don’t like a representative, then they vote them out. Either way, the voters get who they deserve, even if it’s not who they want.

When did you last hear someone refer to our government as the government and why don’t they know it’s not the government but OUR GOVERNMENT?

Lies and Damn Lies

How our information is being corrupted and three simple things you can do to fight back.


puppetOur information is being corrupted constantly. This has been discussed here many times, such as Information Pollution, The Liberal Media and Political Scandals, put out primarily by billion dollar corporations and millionaire personalities being our sole source of network news.

But there are even more treacherous types of misinformation than this. The billionaire conservative think tanks hire sock puppets to spread their meme all day long on the Internet. For example, technology websites such as Slashdot have paid shills that spend eight hours every day posting lies and misleading comments about such things as Obamacare and nuclear energy, trying to change the minds of the average reader.

Many sites see this. Here at JustSayWhy we see hundreds of them every election season.

Some sock puppets get paid to go to the book websites and submit reviews playing up the conservative books and leaving bad comments for the progressive books. There are even many conservative who do this without getting paid, just to try to prove to the world that their side is right, even if they have to lie to do so. How can they be right if they have to lie? But they never get far enough to reason that part out.

Many of the billionaire and transnational corporate think tanks buy thousands of new conservative books and give them away as incentives and prizes. This makes the books appear on the New York Best Seller lists even though they aren’t really being sold.

All of this just helps sell the defective conservative agenda and distorts our information. Eventually, it almost makes it seem reasonable to listen to the conservative perspective. It has gotten to the point where you can’t believe anything you see in comments and book and even product reviews.

What can you do about this? Here are three simple things to do that you should do regularly and they will only take you a few moments.

1. Submit your own reviews. This is important! If the liars have 1,000 sock puppets, that is nothing compared to the millions of real customers who could be leaving honest reviews. And, when you see reviews that you can tell are biased or outright lies, it’s important to expose them for the lies they are.

This means that if you’ve read a library book, go to the library website and to Amazon and B&N and to any other book website and spend 60 seconds writing a review. That’s a simple task to help counter the lies.

Most sites allow you to vote on the reviews. Be sure to mark up the reviews you agree with and mark down the lies. Amazon lets you say if a review helped you. Many sites let you “like” a comment.

2. Wikipedia is heavily polluted with pages that have been edited repeatedly to give them a more conservative bent. Open an account on Wikipedia and edit a page here or there that you might have some personal knowledge about. And, it’s important to expose those sock puppets who are just out there to pollute our information.

3. Leave comments on blogs you visit. Don’t feed the trolls, though. If someone is obviously shilling for a corporation or political agenda, don’t address them personally, just post comments with the facts as you know them. If you can “like” other’s comments be sure to like those you agree with. This affects how often these comments show up.

These three simple things will help  us keep our information more reliable.

5 Things wrong with Obamacare

We’ve already discussed the benefits of Obamacare. Now let’s talk about what’s wrong with it.

1. Not Single Payer. Obama started from a conservative plan offered by Nixon, Romneycare, and the Heritage Foundation. This keeps the insurance profits in the cost. We really need Single Payer.

2. Death Panels. Keeping the insurance companies means keeping the death panels.

3. Republicans. They are the real problem with Obamacare. If it was the same exact thing offered by Romney, they would love it. But since they love their party more than the voters, they don’t want to fix it for fear of giving Obama another victory.

4. Our kids can only stay on our plan for a few years. We should be able to keep our kids on our plan as long as we want.

5. We need more doctors. Supply and demand will lower medical costs if there is reasonable competition. Free clinics will also provide more price competition. Obamacare needs to offer FREE medical education to anyone capable of doing it.

See what others love and hate about Obamacare.

The Liberal Media

Moral Mondays held a march in North Carolina which drew 80,000-100,000 marchers.

The major national corporate media ignored it.

If we had a biased conservative corporate media, they would publicize tea party events of this size for weeks upon weeks, just like the Glenn Beck joke.  The network news were all over this like flies on well, you get the idea. They showed clip after clip for over two weeks.

If our nation’s network news was unbiased, they would spend weeks after weeks covering the Moral Monday marches as well. But, nope, not a word.

If our nation’s network news was even the slightest bit liberal, they would cover both events but maybe have a little more time for the liberal news or maybe paint the liberal events in a more positive light than the Glenn Beck rally.

If our nation’s media was actually liberal, they would publish weeks of Moral Monday marches and no mention of the tea baggers, sort of like they do for the conservative events.

So, you tell me, are you still listening to the news sources that you know are lying to you about there being a liberal media bias? If you are, why? Why would anyone listen to a news source they knew was lying?

Keystone XL Pipeline – It Ain’t Over Yet

The oil industry is pouring millions of dollars into marketing, telling Americans that it’s all over but the crying and it doesn’t matter if we think it’s our country or not, they’ll do what they damn well please.

I’m seeing pundit after pundit repeating the billionaire marketing jingles.

But it ain’t over. Americans aren’t going to just bend over and take it up the pipeline. There is still plenty we can do and our numbers are still growing.

But, it’s time, today, to make a stand. Let the billionaires and their XL Pipeline cheer leaders know that this is still our country and we don’t want the stinking toxic sludge coming across our country just so the billionaires can refine it in the Gulf Coast and then ship it all out of the country.

This pipeline will actually cause our gas prices to go up because none of the gas that is refined will be sold in America.

America doesn’t want the XL Pipeline and we will be heard.

Oh, those poor misunderstood billionaires and oil executives and transnational corporations. Don’t you just feel sorry for them?

Get involved. It’s not over yet.

Seven Things You Need To Know About Benghazi

Investigations in our Congress are costing us millions of dollars in taxes and nothing to show for it. Are we sick and tired of the Republican witch hunts?

Here are the facts about Benghazi that you won’t hear in the news and these should make your blood boil whether your Republican or Democrat:

  1. Republicans in Congress voted repeatedly to slash funding for embassy security.
  2. Obama has repeatedly request increased funds for embassy security.
  3. The Republican Sequester slashes more money from embassy security.
  4. All the investigations into Benghazi have been a waste of our tax dollars and a waste of time for America.
  5. Under Bush, there were 11 embassies attacked. 53 people died. 90 were injured. How many Republican investigations into this? Zero. It’s time for us to remove this sick party from our government.
  6. Under Bush, one embassy was successfully attacked twice. Still no investigations.
  7. Poor children are starving, homeless are freezing to death, and the Republicans can find no money for them but plenty to pursue this fake scandal.

Follow the link I posted above. There are lots of facts if you’re interested. Here is just a small example:


Move to Amend

Move to Amend
David Schlecht

Guess what is celebrating it’s four year anniversary this week.

Citizens United!

The defective Republican party and their activist Supreme Court judges decided that corporations are people and money is speech and billionaires and transnational corporations and foreign governments can buy our politicians and not even have to disclose it.

No wonder Republican voters are leaving the party in hordes.

But that doesn’t fix the damage they’ve done with their mistaken voted over the past years.

We need to reverse Citizens United and we need to get the activist judges out of the Supreme Court.

Go to Move To Amend and help get this mistake fixed.


No More Walmarts in Sparks

No More Walmarts in Sparks
David Schlecht

In an earlier post by Matt, we learn that Walmart is hoping to open a new store, yet another Wal-mart in Sparks, Nevada.

The last thing America needs is another Walmart.

As it turned out, the Sparks City Council caved in, completely. It was unanimous! They heart Walmart.

As some of the comments suggest, perhaps it’s time to replace the Sparks City Council.  Perhaps recall petitions starting today might open their eyes before the damage is done.

But, the fight is not over. I got an email from Ken Johnston who is actively working on preventing this mistake:

You are receiving this message because you expressed interest in the proposed Walmart Supercenter in Sparks. As you know or may have heard, the Sparks city council recently approved Walmart’s special use permit last Monday, allowing the developer and Walmart to begin construction of the 185,000 square foot Walmart Supercenter on 18 acres near Sparks Marina at Marina Gateway Drive and Lincoln Way.
However, I just learned that in order for the project to move forward, it must also be approved by the Truckee Meadows Regional Agency. As has been consistent with this project, we have little notice or time to act. Specifically, the Regional Planning Commission will be holding a public meeting and vote on whether or not to approve the project as being “in conformance with the regional plan” this upcoming Wednesday at 6:00pm at the Washoe County Commission Chambers located at 1001 East Ninth Street in Reno 
Just like at the council meeting, any member of the public will be allowed to attend and speak for up to three minutes on why the project is not right for Sparks or the region for that matter. I strongly encourage anyone who is able to attend to please do so and speak out on why this project is so bad for the community. After the issue is discussed, the commission will then likely vote on whether or not to approve the developer’s and Walmart’s plans. Hearing from the public on why this is wrong for the community could make the difference.
If the vote does not go our way, there is also an opportunity to appeal the commission’s decision to the governing board and I will keep you posted on that. However, please consider attending this important meeting and if you can’t make it, please let others know who might be able to; you can point them to the website for specifics Also, please consider emailing or calling the Truckee-Meadows Regional Planning Commissioners (; 775-321-8385) to let them know that we do not want or need another Walmart Supercenter in Sparks!
Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend this last minute meeting due to traveling for work but would appreciate hearing how it goes from anyone who is able to attend. Please email me if and when you get a chance to let me know how it goes and if you have any questions before or after. Thank you in advance for your support and efforts on this important issue.
Best regards,
Ken Johnston


More Walmarts means more of our tax dollars supporting sub-poverty wages, food stamps, welfare, all to fatten the profits of the Walmart heirs. It means more locally owned stored going under. It means more decent paying jobs going away. It’s bad any way you look at it.

If you’re from the Reno/Sparks area or Nevada or anywhere in this world, help us by joining in our fight to stop yet another Walmart in Sparks.

Are we seeing the cancer stage of capitalism?

Obama, the NSA, and America’s Spying Problems

Obama, the NSA, and America’s Spying Problems
David Schlecht

I think we all agree that Obama is a whole lot better than Rmoney would have been but there are plenty of things that Obama needs to do better.

the NSA and the issue of spying on Americans is one of those issues.

Obama is wrong.

It’s time to shut down Bush’s NSA. It’s time to go back to following the constitution and give Americans their privacy.

The NSA’s spying on Americans has not stopped a single terrorist attack. Eventually they will. But changing the week from seven days to six or eight will stop just as many.

Obama is wrong.

It is time Obama and our congress dropped this nonsense and restored the constitution.

Write your congressman and the white house and demand a stop to this illegal behavior.

The Awakening of America

The Awakening of America
David Schlecht

American voters are waking up from the cult they have been mesmerized by.

As with cults, people believe the absurd without question. Those who are questioned are ostracized and eventually excommunicated from the cult.

Cult followers typically do things that are against their best interests. Cults like Jonestown require the followers give away all their possessions, especially money, the family savings, retirement savings, homes, stock investments.

Cult followers live in a daze and are unable or unwilling to accept that their cult is killing them. They think it will hurt for a moment and then they can live forever. Sometimes they wake up in time, but other times, like the German Nazis or Heaven’s Gate, they don’t wake up until it’s too late.

America has a national cult that has the people voting for things that are against their own best interests. America knows we need more jobs, we need a better safety net, we need more benefits for the middle class, we need to fix our health care system. Yet, the Republican voters vote for a party that is against all those things.

The cult members are drinking the poison and are dying in the streets and in the parks and behind the mini-marts because their cult has stopped their welfare, their unemployment benefits, and refuse to do anything that will produce jobs.

Yet, the cult members still follow their cult. The followers believe themselves to be Christians and follow the good book and help their neighbors, contribute to charities that help the poor. They believe that we should provide for the least among us. Yet, they still vote for a party that does just the opposite.

This is a cult following. There is no way to deny it.

If you believe in what America stands for and for Christianity and you still vote Republican, you are mesmerized by your cult. When you respond, “let them die” while you know that’s the wrong solution, your a mesmerized by your cult.

If you continue to vote Republican while they slash your wages, your retirement, your schools, your standard of living, if you continue to vote for them while your neighbors are starving and freezing to death, you are following a cult.

But, don’t despair, I’m not expecting you to come to your senses. Most cult followers die before they wake up.

But, if you’re a Republican voter, look around you and you will see, every day, more of your fellow Republicans waking up and shaking off the fog and leaving the party.

You can either wake up or you can die with your cult.

For America’s sake, I hope you wake up before you and those relying on you (America’s future) are beyond saving.

Nevada’s Booming Economy and Right to Work for Less

Nevada’s Booming Economy
David Schlecht

This morning’s news reports that Nevada’s wages in the second quarter of 2013 were the highest ever. Wow, Nevada must be just booming. Imagine, they’re getting paid the highest EVER. You might want to give up your mediocre job in whatever state you live in and move to Nevada.

But wait. Let’s look at those numbers.

2011 Wkly Wage Pct chg
Q1 802
Q2 816 1.7%
Q3 845 3.4%
Q4 852 0.8%
Q1 846 -0.7%
Q2 815 -3.8%
Q3 820 0.6%
Q4 877 6.5%
Q1 844 -3.9%
Q2 829 -1.8%

So, over the past 2 1/2 years, a Nevadan’s wages went up a measly 3% During that same time period, inflation went up 6.8%.

In other words, the average Nevadan’s wages were reduced by 4%. In other words, Nevada lost $829 X .04 or $33 a week or $1,716 per year.

This is quite the opposite of what the worthless news media is reporting.

Worse, still, is that the “average” wages is a worthless number because it makes one think that wages on the “average” person has gone up but in reality the average person’s wages went down while the wages of the top 1% of wage earners went up by a greater number. These reports need to report the “mean”, not the “average” The “mean” value is the value where half the population makes more than that number and half of the people make less. This number is going down even though the average is going up.

One reason Nevada’s wages are so miserably low is that we are a “right to work for less” state. In other words, we’re not too smart when it comes to governing ourselves. Having said that, let me finish by saying that I am seeing Nevada coming to our senses. We are now majority Democratic and the majority are getting involved in the political process. Maybe we can reverse this “right to work” nonsense.


The Republican Party, Lost in the Dark

The Republican Party, Lost in the Dark
David Schlecht

The Republican voters are beginning to wake up and see exactly what party they have been voting for and the majority of these people are repulsed at what has become of the Republican party.

Just today, the Republican candidates were coached on how to act like they cared, how to act like they had empathy, how to pretend that they are anything but soulless sociopaths.  But how can you hide your sickness when you refuse to provide long term unemployment insurance for the poor and starving and freezing without demanding that you first get to take food out of the mouths of other starving children or giving more money to the rich? There’s just no hiding the true soul of the Republican party and their voters are finally beginning to see them for what they truly are.

The great majority of Americans believe we need to strengthen our safety net, increase unemployment and other benefits to the poor, increase the minimum wage, and start expecting the billionaires to pay their fair share, but the Republican party is opposed to all the things the majority of America wants. And you know what? The Republican voter is beginning to realize it.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of gullible or uneducated who will never abandon their corrupt party. But the majority of them are leaving.

That is one reason the Republican party is trying so hard to prevent people from legally voting.

Jesus said feed the hungry, clothe the naked (house the homeless), heal the sick. The Republican party says let them die. Take away unemployment benefits, take away housing assistance, repeal Obamacare.

Soulless sociopaths.


The Political Scandals of 2013

The Political Scandals of 2013
David Schlecht

Looking back over the year 2013 and the news stories in the forefront of American media, I see case after case of manufactured scandal. Take the four biggest scandals in the news last year:

1. The Benghazi scandal. Oh, how we should investigate and impeach Obama for something, anything related to Benghazi. Well, after almost a year of the media (you remember? the Liberal  Media?) telling us how this is the end of the world, or at least the end of the Obama/Hillary Clinton presidency, we are finally being told that it was all a farce. It was all a manufactured crisis sold to us and the news by a disreputable, immoral political party.

2. If it wasn’t all about Benghazi, then the Liberal News was telling us all about how the IRS was targeting the Tea Baggers. Well, after investigating it, we find that more liberal organizations were targeted than tea baggers and there was a Republican manager behind it and it wasn’t political at all, well, at least not targeted against the Tea Baggers. No, afraid not. No scandal, here. Just more lies and distortions amplified by our worthless news media, you know, the Liberal Media.

3. The Obamacare website was such a mess that no one wants to sign up for Obamacare. It must have been an anti-American plot by Obama, the lizard man from Kenya. Well, as it turns out, this site is working better than almost any site of its size and millions of Americans are finally getting the health insurance they need. So, again.the scandal turns out to be nothing, zilch, nada. But, alas, our Liberal Media was so happy to whip up the hysteria and the lies that the real news never even got reported. But, nope, no scandal here.

4. And, finally, the NSA scandal. Actually, we should refer to them as NSA scandals since there seems to be an endless stream of news of awful, unlawful, and downright horrendous actions perpetrated by the NSA. But, regardless of the fact that the news industry was trying to blame it on Obama, it is actually the Republican party that is all supportive of the agency illegally spying on Americans. No, I guess we can’t impeach Obama for that, but they’ll continue to look for more.

This past year, 2013 has been shining proof that it’s time to turn off the TV and corporate news. They are worse than just ineffective, they’re downright wrong, and harmful for America.

And, again, let me end this my saying, it must make a Republican voter proud to see what has become of their party. Is it time to kick them out and start a new Republican party yet?