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Only Third World Countries Have Political Prisoners

Only Third World Countries Have Political Prisoners
Matthew K.

You would think that only third world countries have a political system so broken as to allow political prisoners.

Well, I have some bad news for you. America is that country.

Check out this story of Don Siegelman, America’s most obvious political prisoner. Once you’ve checked it out, be sure to sign the petition to free this unjustly imprisoned man. We need to investigate Karl Rove and see about reversing all the damage he and his turd blossoms have done to this country we love.

The American Bizarre Party

The American Bizarre Party
Matthew K.

Has anyone else noticed how bizarre the Republican voters have become?

They continue to vote in the worst candidates in American history while watching all their policies crash and burn all the while knowing that they have to buy guns to get the crooks out of office.

How bizarre that they don’t even consider that it would be better if they just quit voting for the candidates that are ruining the country. Then they could sell all their guns and go back to living in the sane world.

How Does Social Security Affect the Budget?

How Does Social Security Affect the Budget?
Matthew K

We are all hearing how important it is to cut Social Security. You would think that the world will end if we don’t start letting little old ladies starve to death.

But in reality nothing is wrong with Social Security. Nothing!

Furthermore, changes to Social Security will not affect the nation’s budget, not one little bit. Even Reagan tried explaining this to everyone some thirty years ago.

Now, then, why are some Congress men beating the drums so hard to mess up Social Security? Do they not know what you and I know? Are they really that stupid? Of course not. So, why are they trying to use this opportunity to make such awful changes?

It is obvious to many of us, but if you find yourself wondering, here is why.

They want to destroy any government program that helps the poor.

Anyone who doesn’t want to help the poor is blatantly un American because America was founded to provide for the welfare of we the people. It’s the very first sentence of the constitution.

So, tell me why someone would be in support for welfare for the rich through lower taxes while opposing a self-funded program of social insurance for the rest of us?

I’ll tell you why. Because they don’t represent we the people. They represent those intent on converting America into their own personal cash cow.

They are the Republican party.


Nevada and The Right To Work For Less Law

Nevada and The Right To Work For Less Law

Matthew K.

From David’s recent post regarding Nevada making the right decisions, I wanted to bring up a most obvious point that it seems most Nevadans miss: Right to Work means Right To Work For Less.

It is really just that simple.

Nevada is dead last in anything that matters like job safety, average income, happiness. And they’re first in all the things that are awful like poverty, childhood hunger, disease, workplace injuries.

What do these have to do with Right To Work laws? Everything! They have everything to do with a law that is intended to prevent workers from improving their working conditions. With no say in the workplace, workers get shafted more and more until there’s nothing left to steal from them.

And, that, Nevada, is where you find yourself today.

Repeal your Right to Work laws. Start today to organize petitions and get the vote on your next ballot. Repeal the law that is hurting Nevada the most.

Oh, and while I’m at it, let me congratulate you on waking up about the need to vote for a Democratic president.

Want to know the real facts about how much Right to Work is hurting Nevada? Check out these links:

Right to Work [AFLCIO]
Workers Have the Right [Informed Comment]
What’s Behind Right to Work [Daily Kos]
Sneak Attack [Think Progress]
Right to Work For Less [Google]


Hostess, Twinkies, and Romney’s Bain Practices

Hostess, Twinkies, and Romney’s Bain Practices
Matthew K.

No matter what the corporate media tells you about why Hostess is going broke, it’s not what you think.

Just like Romney’s Bain Capital, Hostess has been bought out by a Pirate Equity pump and dump company that makes money squeezing the life out of companies. Just like Bain, the Pirate Equity company makes money no matter what happens.

Hostess was closing down and they kept coming to the workers for one bail out after another, just so the millionaire pirates could get more money. The workers saw the writing on the wall and knew that there is no end to the sacrifices they would have to provide for the greedy who are never satisfied. Sound like Romney, anyone?

America, wake up! This is what happens when these parasitic companies pump and dump an otherwise profitable company.

The workers did the right thing and said enough is enough. If a company can’t pay a living wage (because they’ve been devoured by a Private Equity [Pirate Equity] company) then they shouldn’t be in business.

And, yes, hello Papa John’s, I’m talking to you too.

Fiscal Cliff and Spending Cuts

Fiscal Cliff and Spending Cuts

Matthew K.

What does it mean, fiscal cliff?

It sounds pretty scary, like the end of the world or something. But, in reality, it is nothing so drastic or scary. The term is just a marketing term to fool you into thinking emergency measures are needed. So what’s the worst that will happen when we reach the cliff. Nothing. Got that? Nothing.

But, if we all get scared by the hype and think that drastic cuts are necessary, then, yes indeed, bad things will happen, and the effects will be felt for years to come.

Don’t get me wrong, we can’t just sit on our hands. We have to address the mess this country is in and this is the time to do it.

So, what spending cuts should we do?

To start with, no country has ever, EVER cut its way to prosperity. You might want to ponder that for a moment.

So if the solution isn’t to cut, then what do we do?

We do the same thing we did before when we were in debt to the tune of 125% of GDP, which is much worse than we are today. What we did then was we created jobs programs, we invested in infrastructure, we created the GI Bill that sent people to college for free.

That’s what we need to do this time. We need to do what has been proven to work.

But we still need to look at trimming our budget as well. We need to trim the things that aren’t investments in our country and our economy. We need to stop giving money and tax breaks to the rich and the multinational corporations.

This brings us to the real question. What is spending and what is an investment?

You already know the answer to that. If you go out and treat yourself to a nice hundred-dollar steak dinner, that’s spending that is gone the moment you pay for it. But, an investment, like money in the bank, is there for all time, bringing in more money every day.

Spending for a country is the same. If it’s not bringing in a return on investment, it’s spending. The biggest spending we do as a country is spend on our military. We spend more than the rest of the world combined.

And what sort of return do we get on all those bombs dropped? All those missiles fired? Nothing. We are spending, like a short term steak dinner, on almost every dollar we spend on the military.

Money spent on free education is an investment that returns money to our coffers for the entire lifetime of the student. How about social programs like social security? It has been shown that every dollar invested in the people of a country through social programs like Social Security and Medicare are returned at a rate of $1.27 for every dollar invested. That, my friends, is what’s called an investment.

We need to face this fiscal cliff as an opportunity to stop the big dinner spending spree of the military and move that money into investing in our people and in our roads and bridges and our future as a country.


United We Stand

United We Stand
Matthew K

What gives with the patriots crying about seceding  from the union since their loser lost?

The American way is to stick together, to resolve our differences, to find common ground.

The loser states tried to tuck tail and run once before, causing the civil war, and many good Americans died. Now some sore losers who are ignorant of their history are saying the same foolish things again. Wah, I didn’t get my way. I’m gonna take my toys and go home.

That’s not the American way, that’s the loser way.

Hate blacks? Too bad. Get over it. Hate the liberal foundations upon which this nation was founded? Get over it.

Want to tuck tail and run away again, rather than making our country stronger?

Real patriotic!


Both Candidates Suck, Why Bother Voting?

Both Candidates Suck, Why Bother Voting?
Matthew K.

I’ve heard this line a few times and always chuckle at it. This is a marketing approach intended to discourage people from voting. Take a moment and reflect on exactly what this means.

If both presidential candidates sucked, we would still be losing 700,000 jobs each and every month like we were the last time the Republicans were in charge. You know it’s not that bad now so where are you getting the idea that it is? I suspect that you need to turn off your TV for a couple days and spend a moment or two doing your homework.

You want a quick list of the things that Obama has done? Check it out. Want a quick list of the jobs that Romney has shipped over seas?

Remember, if you do nothing, we just could go back to losing 700,000 jobs a month. Is that really just as bad as having Obama as president?

Don’t believe the marketing. They aren’t even close to being the same.

You Don’t Own Me

You Don’t Own Me
Matthew K

Check out this great short video on Youtube. You Don’t Own Me.

You should forward this link to every woman and girl you know and to ever other person who knows a woman and have them forward this to everyone they know.

Women in America are under attack like they have never been before and if we don’t stop this attack now, it will take us generations to get back here again.

Don’t let us slip backward. Send this link on to everyone you know.

Union Membership Closely Tracks Income

Union Membership Closely Tracks Income

Matthew K.

The following two graphs tell us a world of information. First, the stronger the unions are in America, the better off America is. This means the middle class is better off. Remember, a middle class can only exist in a country where the government (We the People) protects and supports the unions. Look at how your pay has gone down as the unions have declined in America. What country are you leaving for your children?

Union membership versus Income

This next graph show in shocking detail where all the money has gone that is being taken from America’s workers. As the middle class income has fallen over the decades, America’s ultra wealthy have taken all of the money. This is just a sickness. And now these people want to run our country. Look at how your income has gone down while the billionaires income has gone up. There is a wealth redistribution going on and you and I are getting the shaft.

The top 1% are not sharing the money you and I are making for them.

Types of Governments Versus Types of Economies

Types of Governments Versus Types of Economies
Matthew K.

Okay, let’s see how far we can get in illuminating the differences between Fascist, Socialist, Communistic, and Capitalistic types of governments and as types of economies.

Communistic Governments

This is the most important thing you’re going to read in this essay. Communism is not a form of government. You may want to stop and go back and read that sentence again. However, communistic countries have always devolved into oligarchies or dictatorships where the rich and powerful become oppressive and eventually ruthless dictators. But, a dictatorship is no more a form of communism as is a toaster.

Communistic Economy

Communism, as defined by the father of communism, is a society in which there is no private property. That is the one defining characteristic of Communism. In a small commune, communism works just fine, everyone knows everyone else, everyone is glad to do their fair share to make the community work, everyone shares in the profits and everyone works together to overcome hardships.

Communism is sometimes viewed as a natural evolution from Socialism and from Capitalism.

Communism in large scale has always failed because the power vacuum at the top attracts ruthless and brutal dictators.

Socialistic Governments

Just like with Communism, Socialism is not a form of government, it is a type of society in which people take care of one another and people share in the management of their capitalism.

Socialism as Economy

As stated, Socialism is a type of society where the purpose of society and capitalism is to benefit society.The workers play a vital role in the management of the companies and share more equitably in the profits.

There is plenty of confusion regarding Socialism. Part of the confusion is in the Soviet Union’s reference to Socialism in their name, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic. But, the USSR was an oligarchy, much like America is becoming and this oligarchy was not interested in letting the people share in the management or proceeds of their businesses. The USSR was also nothing like a Republic. The USSR was more Communism than Socialist.

Unlike Communism, Socialism works hand in hand with a strong economy as well as a capitalistic economy. There is no conflict between these two. Look at today’s China for a good example of how Capitalism can coexist with other economic systems.

In Socialism, the workers can be actively involved in advancing a Capitalistic agenda, for the benefit of the workers and for society.

When you hear the word, Socialism, think of the word it is derived from, Society. It’s purpose is to allow society to be involved in commerce, and not just as slave labor.

Fascism as a Government

Unlike any of the other types of economies, Fascism is a type of government. It is a government in which the corporations control the government. The government is merged with the big businesses (and their wealthy owners) and the purpose of government becomes a tool to benefit the rich and the businesses and everything is taken from the people to make it happen.

Fascism as an Economy

As an economy, Fascism is a system in which the people have no control over the management of the businesses and have no share in the profits. Under this system, the government quickly starves the people, expecting then to work for lower and lower wages for the benefit of the rich. This always leads to revolution, often bloody and expensive.

And, this brings us to Capitalism.

Capitalism as a Form of Government

Capitalism, is not a form of government any more than the other three. However, Capitalism is a hungry beast that will devour a society if it goes unchecked. This is obvious in the USA, today. Capitalism is devouring the people and the economy and the government.

Unlike the risk of dictators in the other types of economies, there is no power vacuum that attracts dictators, there instead is a small group of rich and ambitious oligarchs who will try to take over control of the government. When they succeed, they change the laws to allow for fewer regulations on business, more tax breaks and welfare (subsidies) for the businesses, and less and less services for the people. They make it harder and harder and eventually impossible for the people to have any say in their own government.

Capitalism as a type of Economy

Capitalism is best described as a system where money makes more money. It’s where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The system works great when there are good strong regulations in place to stop the rich and powerful from influencing the government.

Capitalism works well with both Fascism (Capitalism out of control) and Socialism (well regulated Capitalism) but conflicts with the true tenants of Communism.


America has been deregulating our businesses like it’s going out style, ever since the 80s, and look where it’s gotten us. Businesses and their wealthy owners own most of our wealth now, they own most of our government, they want more control of our political process and want to take voting rights away from more people.

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What is Happening to America?

What is Happening to America?

Matthew K.

No matter how much you hear on Fox news about how we need to give more tax breaks to the rich and how providing services to the poor is just Fascism, or is it Communism, or is it Socialism, Americans are waking up to the reality that we’re rushing headlong into being a country we don’t want to be and certainly one our forefathers never imagined we’d be embracing.

But with Socialism and Fascism and Communism being used as scare words to influence the weak minded, the words are losing their meanings. That’s a bad thing. If we don’t know what they mean, how can we know what aspects we need to avoid? Just avoiding them because it’s a word the media is using, isn’t a smart way to be.

The previous article about the differences between socialism, fascism, and communism is a great read. I only wish there was more room to do a full blown comparison. Maybe I’ll find some time to add my two cents. In fact, everyone reading these pages should be talking about this. How can we avoid Fascism if we don’t really know what it is? Why should we avoid Communism if we don’t really know what it means? Were our forefathers really Socialists?

We can only vote to make this country better when we understand these things. Read the previous posts and get a handle on the definitions and on the pros and cons of each. And more than anything, turn off the corporate news that is only trying to blur the difference between them and make them all sound like bad words, rather than failed or successful governments.

And, lastly, I can’t express enough how important it is to realize that there is a difference between a financial model of each of these and the model of government. In other words, what is socialism as a government? It is nothing. Socialism is a set of policies, not a form of governing the people. Dictatorships and Oligarchies (today’s America), and democracies are governments.

The Republican Alternative to Obamacare

The Republican Alternative to Obamacare
Matthew K.

Everyone recognizes the Republican strategy these days. It’s all about winning the next election. It has nothing to do with actually solving our current problems. It is about winning the next election and nothing more.


Tell me, what is the Republican alternative to Obamacare? If they weren’t just trying to screw the country for the sake of making Obama look bad, they would actually be out there trying to fix our broken health care system.

But, are they?

Of course not. They have no credible plan to fix this broken system. They want to destroy what little Obama has done to fix this system and then leave it broken.

We are losing this country to the billionaires and the corporations and the Republican party wants to help us along the way. Cut more benefits and health care reforms to the average Americans and give more benefits and money and tax breaks to the rich. Cut out regulations that create jobs and save lives so the corporations can make more money.

But, America is waking up. We are all beginning to get out and talk to our neighbors. We’re waking up our Republican inlaws. We starting to take our country back. But we will only succeed when we can turn off the propaganda from the 1%. Turn off Fox. Turn off hate radio. If your church talks about voting for the anti-christian party, get up and walk out.

America is waking up!

The Republican War on Women

The Republican War on Women
Matthew K.

What is up with the Republican war on women? It makes no sense for the aggressive frontal attack on women and their rights. The war against their right to decide with their doctors what is the best thing for them, or the war against other medical necessities.

Many in the party have the attitude that women should just shut up and sit in the back of the bus with their heads covered.

It seems the party is so far out of the mainstream that they can no longer hide it.

The Gift of the 99%

The Gift of the 99%

There is no denying that Fox and the Republican party is dead set against the 99% Movement and #Occupy.  I hear many a Fox viewer repeating the talking point, “The 99% doesn’t represent me.”

I don’t expect the customers of the Conservative propaganda to spend much time thinking, but this comment shows much more than just lack of thinking, but actually shows downright brain washing. If you’re not a billionaire, you’re the 99% and, no matter how much you might hate it, you represent yourself, as do the rest of the 99% of us.

Now just think about this for a minute. Before the 99% woke up, America was discussing billionaire talking points day in and day out. All the news on all the so called Liberal Media were talking the billionaire talking points of austerity and, “Oh my gosh, I think I just wet myself again over the budget.”

Now that the 99% are finding our voice, the so called Liberal Media is now forced to talk about something more than billionaire talking points. We even accidentally hear in the so called Liberal media words like “unfair wealth distribution’, and “wealth redistribution to the top 1%”, and “welfare and tax cuts for the billionaires”.

As much as the Fox viewers might hate the thought, they are waking up from their Fox delusions and realizing that Fox and the Republican party are the mouthpiece for the billionaires. There’s no wonder they hate the 99%. No wonder they hate their viewers, who are waking up. No wonder that they hate having to talk about the unfair distribution of wealth in America.

Thank you #Occupy and the 99%. We are beginning to talk about the things that really matter to America because of you.

The DO-NOTHING House of Representatives

The DO-NOTHING House of Representatives – Updated
Matthew K.

Here we are now, November 2011, and what have the Republicans in control of the House of Representatives done for America?

In poll after poll, the two most important things on almost every American’s mind is JOBS and the ECONOMY.

What have the Republicans done for America on these fronts? Not a single thing. On the contrary, they have passed bill after bill that destroys jobs, knowing that they will never be accepted into law.

They even obstruct the passing of debt limits in order to prevent We the People from creating jobs through government programs. In fact, the Republicans in the different levels of government have destroyed the jobs of 800,000 public employees. Did they do this to save money? Don’t be silly. They followed up those job cuts with tax give-aways to the top 1%.

The Republicans in office have done everything they can to hurt America in order to make Obama and the Democrats look bad and increase their chances of gaining more power. They even admit that their number one goal is to make Obama a one term president. Got that? The Republican number one job isn’t to fix this mess they made but to make it even worse hoping that the voters will be stupid enough to blame the Democrats for it.

And, you can be sure that the Republican voters who have no idea what’s going on will gladly blame everyone but themselves for voting like the idiots they truly are.

Update: Today the Republicans have filibustered a jobs bill that would have passed if it had been voted on. They obviously don’t want our government to work and they obviously don’t want to fix the economic mess they created.

Update 2: Yesterday they passed a bill that confirms that “in god we trust” is the company motto. Got that? No on jobs,  yes on garbage like this. If you voted for these pigs, I hope you’re paying attention. I hope you’re feeling the pain they are causing, first hand.

Update 3 (Admin): Check out this survey from a Republican politician. Do you see anything important missing? Only the most important thing to America.

What Republicans Want - no jobs no economy
No Jobs


The Corruption of our History

The Corruption of our History
Matthew K.

During and after the Great Republican Depression of the 1930s, the right-wing fanatics were busy writing news articles and books about how it wasn’t their policies that caused the crash. When they were expelled from government and the liberals took over the government and cleaned up, the right-wing was busy explaining how the recovery was actually due to this that or the other thing, but definitely not due to the liberals. You even hear conservatives of today explaining how it wasn’t liberal policies that got us out of their depression but the war.

Someone needs to grab the corporate media, you know the so called liberal media, and force them to publish the truth. If the war solved the depression, then why aren’t our two wars making this the land of milk and honey? If putting people to work making war makes jobs, won’t putting people to work building our infrastructure going to be even a better stimulus? The media is against the 99% and it’s time we turned off the poisonous TV.

Here we are, today, with the Republicans refusing to do anything whatsoever to help America get out of this Republican Great Depression. Their excuse for shafting you and me is so that they can make Obama a one-term president. In other words, they’re selling the country down the tubes to make political points. It should be pretty obvious by now that the Republican party is not interested in helping America. Their only interests lie with the billionaires at the expense of all the rest of us, the other 99%.

Today, you see right-wing blog after blog after right-wing think tank, rewriting our current mess, just like they did during their last great depression. It’s all the liberal policies like helping our neighbors and demanding safe food and drugs that caused the mess.

It’s not a small crime to corrupt our history. If America can’t learn from our mistakes, because the Republicans are polluting our information, then we’ll never be able to avoid this in the future. We’ll come along and step in this same gopher hole again and again until we learn from it. Are we learning yet?

Who Are the 99%

Matthew K.

You ask, “Who Are the 99%?”

I’ll tell you who. It’s you and your parents and your children. It’s your neighbors, your teachers, your students. It’s the clerk in the grocery store and the nurse at the doctors. It’s everyone you know.

In short, it’s all of us. And it’s up to all of us to come together, right here, right now, and quit letting the 1% keep us fighting each other instead of fighting against their greed and thievery.

The top 1% now has half the country’s wealth. Half our wealth. They get richer and richer while we get poorer and poorer.

Our politicians say we 99% have to do with less so the 1% can do with more.

It’s got to stop. And it is! We are coming together. We’re all the 99%.

The 99% at the #Occupy Wall Street and around the country need our help. They need food and supplies. This will only make a difference if we 99% can help keep them on the streets. It’s better still if we get out in the streets of our own towns. But if you don’t have an occupation planned in your city, get one started. No one better than you to make the next step.

And. consider donating supplies and pizzas to the 99%ers on the streets.

Note to Obama

Note to Obama — Updated
Matthew K.

Hey, Obama, come to your senses. You’re hurting America, you’re hurting the Democratic party and you’re hurting your chances of reelection.

Pay attention Obama. The way you’re negotiating with the failed Republican policies is destroying us all. We need a strong leader. We need someone who doesn’t meet the idiots half way.  You’re not half an idiot and the American voters don’t want to vote for half an idiot. Stop acting like one. Stop meeting the idiots half way to idiotville.

You have one chance left to remain relevant. Stand firm. That, Obama, is your only chance.

This past election should be a big wakeup call to you. The Democrats aren’t going to vote for half an idiot, even if the Republicans vote for the total psychopath.

Call the idiots what they are and stand firm and the Democrats and the moderates will come to your side. They have nowhere else to go, well, excerpt home, and that’s not good for you or us or America.

Update: Way to go Obama! Today’s speech is exactly the kind of language we’ve been needing. The Republicans have to be called on their stupid ideas or the average voter will not realize how insane they really are. Keep up this type of rhetoric and you will see your support skyrocket.

Still, though, you have to realize that the middle class the the poor have been sacrificing for the benefit of the rich for thirty years now. It’s time you stopped saying we need to cut more from those who have already sacrificed too much.